Price and Specs of Retra Cetra Earbuds

#kamisukareview – ASUS just released Earbuds prices ROG Cetra is a tiny audio package designed for gamers. This unique gadget or accessory is supported by active noise cancellation and ambient mode.

As is known, gaming with mobile devices is becoming increasingly popular thanks to the number of mobile phones with supporting capabilities and various interesting games that are currently on the market.

While many traditional gaming devices are not needed for mobile gaming, audio is still a key component in providing maximum experience when playing games.

Unfortunately, most gaming headsets are large, making it difficult to store in their users' bags and make users awkward when used while traveling, so they prefer to use them at home.

ROG Cetra Earbuds, Tiny Gaming Headphones

ROG Cetra earbuds feature gaming headphones in a tiny package. Just like other quality gaming headsets, you will find very strong bass and optimized audio, and can hear every small detail in the sound thanks to ASUS Essence driver technology.

To ensure this product is comfortable for all ears, there are three sizes of ergonomic ear fins, three sets of silicone tips and a pair of foam tips included in the package. Everything can be found in an exclusive bag that protects it when carried.

Supported Hello USB-C

Traditional headphone jacks are now increasingly difficult to find on high-end phones. But our ROG Phone still supports this and places it with a Type-C port, both of which together provide a new norm for sending power, transferring data, and audio in a modern smartphone.

Has an active Noise Cancellation feature

Meanwhile, the 3.5mm headset is slowly being replaced with more sophisticated solutions. The ROG Cetra headset uses a tough connector that allows us to package additional features such as active noise cancellation (ANC) technology and display a cool red ROG logo on the back of the earbuds.

When you try to immerse yourself in the game, interference is your main enemy. Active noise cancellation technology allows you to play games without interruption by removing unwanted sounds around you.

ANC specifically targets low and medium frequencies which help eliminate most of the environmental noise as well as those who speak around you.

When you don't want to block everything, like when you wait to hear your name being called in a coffee shop, you can turn it off by just touching a button.

If you want to eliminate the noise behind you, you can activate Ambient Mode, which “plays” ambient noise to eliminate medium and low sounds.

This specifically captures and reproduces the range of human vocals and allows high frequency sounds to pass through, to ensure that you still get a “warning” in case of an emergency.

Practical and Easy Control

Control is made simple, with three buttons dedicated to the commands you use most often, such as: play / pause, skip tracks, control volume, and answer phone calls.

Omni-directional microphones allow you to communicate clearly with your teammates when playing games, or chatting with your friends when you are actually using a cellphone as a telephone.

When you are traveling outside, the slider on the side allows you to enable / disable ANC or activate Ambient Mode (for times when you don't want to listen to anything). The LED will light or blink to tell you which mode is being activated.

Gaming audio on Activity

Good when you're playing the latest FPS mobile game, Smash Bros. on your Switch, or switch to listening to music on your laptop, the ROG Cetra earbuds will provide optimized audio on the go.

Price of ROG Cetra

This headset is equipped with Active Noise Cancellation so that we can immerse ourselves in the game without interruption with the ability to let the sounds of the outside world enter instantly when needed.

Also injected Ambient Mode to hear sounds from outside clearly around without removing the headphones. With a variety of features, the price of ROG Cetra is priced at Rp. 1,550,000

Specifications of ROG Cetra Earbuds



l High-res: 20-40KHz

l Impedance: 16 Ohms

l Drivers: 10.8 mm


l Frequency response: 50 Hz – 10,000 Hz

l Pick-up pattern: Omnidirectional

In-line controller

l Music Controls: Play / pause, next / back track

l Call Controls: Answer, end, reject call


Red lighting on the back side of the earbud








Android phone, PC, Mac, Switch




Silicon tips (3 sizes X, M, S), Foam tips

Cable length



Carry case, 3 sizes of earfin

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