Here's How to Hide Files on an Android Phone

#kamisukareview – In some cases sometimes we want to hide files on the Android device that we use, whether it's document files, photo files, video files or other files so that others can not access the file. Here are a number of ways to hide files on your Android mobile.

To hide files on an Android phone, you don't have to do that rooting for Android devices that are used, even for a certain number of HP types you do not have to install additional applications.

Here is how to hide files on your Android mobile:

Adds a 'dot' at the beginning of the file / folder name

One easy way to hide files on Android, you just have to do rename (renaming file) add a sign . ('dot') at the beginning of the file or folder name you want to hide. After this is done, you will not be able to see the file either from the file manager or from the gallery (if the hidden file was previously seen in the gallery), because the file will hidden by the system.

How to hide files on Android
Change the name of the file you want to hide by adding a dot to the beginning of the file name.

To be able to access it again, you must use the option Show Hidden File in the File Manager application, but for certain types of Android HP, this can't be done by the default File Manager application, the solution is you have to install the application ES File Manager from Google PlayStore.

Replacing the File Extension with a name that Android doesn't recognize

Another way is to replace the file extension (file extension) or file suffix so it is not recognized by the system, so that later the file is not readable in the section gallery Your Android phone.

The method is almost the same as above, only the file is replaced by the suffix. For example, the file you want to hide is an image file that has a .JPG suffix, so we change the suffix to another suffix for example .JPX or video files can be changed from .MP4 to .MPX or other suffix if it is not visible to the Android system.

How to hide files on Android
change the .JPG File Extension to .jpx to hide files on Android

To restore the file to be visible again, you only need to replace the file extension again with the extension that was in accordance with before.

With the above method, you can hide files, both for photos, videos, documents or folders.

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