Contact with water? Do this immediately

#kamisukareview – Although there are currently a number of HP models resistant to water, this element is still a frightening specter for most HP products on the market today. If the cell phone does not get panicked, you can take preventative measures.

When a cellphone is exposed to water, usually you will panic and rush to turn it on to make sure your phone is damaged or not, Well – This should not be done if the water still wet the inside of the HP.

Do this if the HP is in contact with water

Instead of your cellphone on, your cell phone will be damaged because the water is very contrary to the electronic components inside the cellphone. If the cellphone gets water, turn off and remove the SIM card, memory card and the battery.

If you are experienced in dismantling HP components, dismantle and remove components one by one, then place it on a dry cloth and make sure the water that wets the components is cleaned to dry.

Don't forget, wipe and clean body the outside and the LCD screen. Do this carefully and do not move the cell phone frequently to avoid getting water into the internal components.

Do not blow your cellphone, because it is likely that water will enter inside, you should use a vacuum cleaner to pull the water out of the sidelines that are difficult to reach.

Wait a minute! You do not rush to turn on the cellphone, make sure all parts of your cellphone are completely dry. To dry if the HP is hit with water, one of them is to put it in rice overnight.

Why does it have to be rice? because rice is able to absorb moisture more quickly, besides rice is more easily found even in the kitchen of a neighbor's house, eh.

Besides rice you can use silica gel which is usually in the packaging of medicines or buying silica gel at the pharmacy.

If all the steps above have been passed, then the trick is to turn on your cellphone. If the HP is exposed to water can be lit normally means you do not have to buy a new HPE as a replacement.

To prevent further damage, you must do the following things if the HP is in contact with water:

  • Do not turn on the cellphone when exposed to water, because electronic devices are very contrary to water
  • Do not connect the HP to a power source
  • Do not press any buttons, because when the button is pressed it is likely that water will get deeper into the interior of the cellphone
  • Do not move the HP too extreme to prevent water from entering deeper parts
  • Do not heat the cellphone with hairdryer with excessive temperatures because the hot air will actually damage the HP component itself.

Hope this helps …

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