How to Check Official HP IMEI at the Ministry of Industry per 2020

#kamisukareview – To prevent the circulation of illegal cellphones now the community can run the HP IMEI check on the Ministry of Industry website for 2020. With this official IMEI check we can know that our smartphone is safe from blocking. How to?

As is known, three sectors of the Indonesian ministry namely the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kominfo) and the Ministry of Industry (Kemenperina) and the Ministry of Trade (Ministry of Trade) have worked together to carry out new regulations related to blocking illegal cell phones circulating in the country's homeland market today.

IMEI is …

If your cellphone has two sim slots, there will be two cell phone IMEI numbers that appear and are included in the cell phone sales package box, before the smartphone is sold in Indonesia, all cell phone IMEI numbers have been registered at the Ministry of Industry.

As a result how to check this identity number is important. So, all brands, both IMEI iPhone, IMEI Xiaomi, IMEI OPPO, Samsung IMEI, and others, if officially will be listed on the official website of the government. You can check IMEI info online.

For information, IMEI is short for International Mobile Equipment Identity which is a unique identity number issued by the GSM Association for each sim card slot released by a manufacturer. So IMEI info is very important.

Currently the Ministry of Industry is waiting for all MSISDN (mobile subscriber integrated services digital network number) data from all cellular operators in the country to further check the illegal cell phone circulating in consumers when users activate their SIM card numbers.

How to Check Official HP IMEI at the Ministry of Industry 2020

So that the Ministry of Industry has pocketed all IMEI numbers from the official cellphone and entered it in the database. To facilitate the management of the IMEI number, our government also has an identification system to check illegal mobile phones, the system is called Device Identification, Registration, and Blocking System or DIRBS.

Just like IMEI info, MSISDN is an identification number given by each operator on the SIM card that is circulated to the market.

The way it works is more or less as follows; when a cellphone is connected to the network operator, the operator will install the application on their system and check the official IMEI of the device being used.

Then the system will scan the official IMEI number and compare it with the DIRBS system in the Ministry of Industry, if the IMEI number does not appear then that means the cellphone is illegal and the network connection will be disconnected. IMEI BM cellphones are blocked.

Well, this new regulation will actually be enforced starting on August 17, while we are still waiting for the rule to be enacted, all people can actually check the IMEI number on their respective cellphones through the Ministry of Industry.

Check HP IMEI at the Ministry of Industry:

  • First check the IMEI number on your cellphone, by pressing * # 06 # and IMEI number will immediately appear on your mobile screen.
  • Another way to check the IMEI number is usually in the section Settings – About Phone. Or there is in the cellphone sales box. How to find out the IMEI number of other cellphones, can check on the cardboard or sticker attached to the back body shell / body
  • Open an internet browser then access to the address
  • Enter your IMEI code earlier in the column provided Then the information will come from the legality of the cellphone via the IMEI entered earlier.
  • If the checked cellphone is registered, information will appear related to the brand and type of cellphone along with the company that is distributing the cellphone to Indonesia.
  • If the results do not appear, there are two possibilities that occur, the first possible IMEI check from the cell phone has not entered the Ministry of Industry database. The second possibility, it may be that the cell phone is an illegal entry or often referred to as black market aka BM.

That's the way to check the HP IMEI on the Ministry of Industry's website that you can do before the government officially applies the regulations above.

With the entry into force of the IMEI HP, the government and industry hope to eradicate the circulation of BM cell phones or illegal in the community.

“We agreed, April 18 will continue, because it cannot allow the circulation of illegal devices,” Akbar said at the time.

According to Akbar, if this IMEI policy applies, BM cellphones, or illegal phones that are activated after April 18, 2020, cannot be used for cellular communication.

Meanwhile, the equipment originating from anywhere (black market or bring it from abroad) that is active and utilizes cellular services from Indonesian telco operators before April 18, 2020, will continue to function and will not have any impact.

IMEI HP Can Still Be Used As long as …

The community must know that the cellphones they use today, whether they are official smartphones, bring them from abroad, or are illegal (IMEI not registered in the government database), can still be used.

The answer is, whoever activates (connects HP with Indonesian cellular services) before April 18, will not be disturbed.

So, if you feel that you are using a cellphone from abroad and have activated it before April 18, 2020, this smartphone will still be able to be used or not affected by the IMEI policy.

What happens if BM's HP is blocked? If the cell phone has been blocked, it cannot be used to access the internet and communication through cellular operators.

Even so, cell phones may still be used using a WiFi connection. What about cellphones purchased from abroad? For mobile phones purchased overseas and brought into Indonesia, the IMEI number must first be registered on the page

Registration must be done before the HP is activated and connected to cellular networks in Indonesia. To be more secure, registration on the Ministry of Industry's website is done before arriving in Indonesia or using a WiFi network.

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