How to Precise Trade Break Fasting Considered by Consumers with the Galaxy M31

#kamisukareview – Not feel the month of Ramadan will soon arrive, of course, many things have been expected in welcoming the holy month. One of them, iftar menu choices. For traders, this is an attractive business prospect.

Yes, hunting for breaking fast is a thing that people enjoy doing in the month of Ramadan. Especially with the help of technology, now snacks hunting activities can be done easily. Consumers have the option to choose a variety of interesting specialties from home through the screen of their smartphone.

Now for online culinary vendors, of course this is a challenge in itself. In the midst of the competition of selling food that is almost similar, you who run an online business must be able to display something different to be able to attract potential customers, one of them with an interesting photo.

Thanks to the sophistication of today's technology, there is no need to use or invest in professional cameras whose prices can reach tens of millions of rupiah for the sake of photographing iftar merchandise.

Enough with a smartphone, online product vendors can enhance the appearance of their merchandise. One of them by using the Galaxy M31 which is equipped with a Quad Camera.

The main camera is 64 MP with a Ultra Wide 123 ° 8MP lens, Depth lens or known as the 5MP “bokeh” camera, and a 5 MP Macro lens. Then how to use it? like this:

Show Your Capabilities as a Trusted Seller

The first thing you should get from potential customers in trading online is trust. If you sell a lot of iftar food, organize all of your products well, and take photos using a 123 ° 8MP Ultra Wide lens, all your products will be photographed in one separate frame.

After that you can use the Galaxy M31 main camera to take photos of your merchandise one by one. With a resolution of 64MP the resulting image does not break even at zoom.

Steal the Attention of Prospective Consumers with Detailed Images Through Macro Lenses

Macro lens has an important function in taking photos of objects at close range so that it can reveal the details of the object being photographed. With an f / 2.4 aperture, a 25mm 5MP Macro lens, for example, you sell sponge rolls and use a Macro lens to photograph the product.

Show the details of the grated cheese or chocolate filling that is there, especially if there is still hot steam that is visible so that the more appetizing.

Can you imagine how consumers would feel if they saw the Iftar merchandise displayed this way? For the record, distance shooting is one important element that must be considered when using a Macro lens, the best distance ranges from 3-5 cm from the object.

photo breaking fast galaxy m31

How to use the Macro lens itself is relatively easy, Galaxy M31 users can open the camera options on the smartphone, then click the “more” or “other” option and find the “Macro” option with a flower icon, and the Macro lens is ready to use.

Add Bokeh Effect

After detailed photos, you can also add a bokeh effect via the Live Focus menu so that the resulting photo has a dramatic impression. For example, the roll cake that you traded, was photographed again with a background of iced coffee which looks a bit “dramatic” blur, isn't it?

Practicing Practicing and Practicing

A professional departs from the beginner level, so in order to get the right composition for your merchandise, keep practicing and exploring in taking as many photos as possible from different angles and techniques.

Don't be afraid of running out of memory which makes your phone slow, because the Galaxy M31 has 128 GB of large memory that can hold more than 32,000 photos. Still not enough? There is an external memory slot in the Galaxy M31, to add external memory up to 512 GB, so you don't need to worry about not having a place to store your photos.

Enhance Photos with Editing

After finishing taking product images, it's time to perfect the photos through the editing process. Editing does not mean changing the total appearance of your food, but rather to further strengthen the accent picture that has been immortalized. How to open the gallery menu on the Galaxy M31 and select the photo you want to edit.

Then click the pencil shaped icon, and you can choose several options for editing photos such as croping photos, adjusting colors, resizing, applying color filter effects, adding stickers, or drawing your photo.

Editing photos with Galaxy M31 will feel more comfortable. Because no matter how long you need the editing process, a powerful battery with a capacity of 6,000 mAh embedded can last for more than a day, so users do not have to worry about running out of power in the middle of activities.

But if you have to recharge, with the Fast Charging 15W feature, the Galaxy M31 can be reused immediately without having to wait a long time.

In addition, the Galaxy M31 Super AMOLED 6.4-inch screen allows users to do the editing process comfortably in any light environment, both in the morning when the sunlight is shining brightly until at night before bedtime.

Plus the Super AMOLED screen can also produce crystal clear images so your product can be seen clearly. How, are you ready to produce an appetizing photo of food?

For those of you who are ready, currently Samsung Indonesia offers convenience for Indonesian consumers who want to buy Samsung products, including the Samsung Galaxy M31 through the “From Our Store to Your Door” program that can ensure consumer comfort when shopping online.

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