Come download Islamic applications on mobile phones for Ramadan

#kamisukareview – The month of Ramadan is a month full of blessings for Muslims, because in this month all the deeds of worship carried out will get a reward that is multiplied. To further maximize worship activities in this Ramadhan month, we have a list of Islamic applications that you can install on your cellphone.

The application that we show here is a free application available for the Android and iOS platforms. Therefore, there may be ad impressions when you use these applications.

Download Islamic applications on an Android phone or iPhone

Al-Quran Indonesia

Android hp Islamic application
Al-Quran Indonesia

As the name implies, this application is one of the Indonesian-language Al-Quran applications available for Android phones. Murottal content is also available in MP3 format.

This application also has a number of features such as colored recitation, reading markers, and the ability to share verses on social media. Not only that, this application also provides Qibla direction, prayer schedule and Hijri calendar.

Download for Android


Ramadan Islamic application

In addition to providing information on prayer times and Qibla direction, Umma also has spiritual splash content from the clerics through video shows and articles that are served every day. This content can also be customized according to the interests of each user.

During the month of Ramadan, Umma has a number of interesting content such as activities during Ramadan, readings, recipes for breaking and dawn, the content you can share and each content that is shared will have points that can be exchanged for cash to be distributed to charities selected.

The Umma application is available for platforms Android and also iOS



The KESAN application has a slightly different approach to the existing Islamic applications because in addition to providing the content of Prayer and Prayers, the Hijri Calendar, Qibla Direction and Prayer Schedule, this application also has features nudging which will remind users to make positive practices every day.

There is also the contents of the Yellow Book and a feed that presents information for self-improvement.

Download the IMAGE application for Android.

Amalku Assistant

Ramadhan Android Mobile Application
Amalku Assistant

As seen from the name, this application will be a reminder for users to do daily practices. Some of the main features of this application are Daily Charity, Fasting Calendar, Nearby Mosque, 40 Day Prayers, Target Amalku, and Practice Statistics performed.

Download the application for Android

Memorization of the Quran

Memorizing the Quran

This application offers a method to memorize the Qur'an through games with the aim to facilitate memorizing the verses of the Qur'an. There are two modes that can be used by users, namely game mode and reading mode, interestingly this application made by the Team of Saleh Children also offers users to be able to download the pronunciation sounds for each letter.

Download the Quran Recitation application for Android

Dua In Quran

Dua In Qur'an

This application has a collection of prayers in the Qur'an accompanied by translations in Indonesian. There is an option to set the font size and can share existing prayers to social media services.

This application is available for Android
and iOS

Indonesian Sunnah Study

Indonesian Sunnah Study

This application will help those who want to learn the religion of Islam, in which there is information to find mosques that often hold assemblies of knowledge.

Interestingly, this application provides complete information about the cleric, the time of the study and the title of the study.

This application is available for Android
and also iOS

Hi Muslim

Hi Muslim

The Hai Muslim application has features that are almost the same as similar applications, you can install it to remind the prayer times according to the location where we are, show the direction of Qibla and list of the closest mosques. What makes it different, this application has 10 multiple questions that you can fill every day to add insights and information about the religion of Islam.

This application is available for Android and also iOS



The Toppa application has a prayer time reminder feature and adzan echo alarm that can be chosen by the user, besides providing information on the time of ruling, prayer and sunnah there is also an offline Qur'an feature with an Indonesian translation, compass, news related to Islam and what makes it different , this application has social media for Muslims.

This application is available for users Android

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