#kamisukareview – Almost all aspects of life today use and require video, especially in business matters. This encourages the presence of various tips and ways to use and download videos online for free.

Video content has a very versatile function and can be utilized for many needs. One reason is the density of information that can be put into a video through audio & visuals.

Tips for Downloading Videos Online for Free

Seeing the need and use of video content that is so many and so broad, many people are interested in using or producing video content for personal and business needs.

But not everyone has the resources or skills to produce video content, therefore stock footage is a very suitable solution to this problem. The use of stock footage is the second best choice of video content sources after self-producing for legality reasons.

Video content has become creative content that is protected by copyright law, which means people cannot carelessly download free online videos and then use the content for personal or organizational interests.

This includes illegal practices that run the risk of criminal sanctions and fines. This risk will be avoided if you use stock footage providers, the majority of which are equipped with copyright licenses to use the video content for various needs.

Recommended Online Video Downloads for Free

There are many companies that provide free and paid stock footage that can be used as sources of content. Here are some recommendation websites for stock footage providers.

1. Wave.video

This website has more than 300 million content with licenses, both paid and free. Make sure the content has a license that suits your needs, whether personal or commercial.

2. Pixabay

One of the most popular stock footage sources on the internet. The diverse content collection gives users many choices, besides all the content on this website is equipped with a CC0 license.

3. Pexels Videos

Pexels Videos is also a popular stock footage website on the internet. Pexels Videos provides photo and video content licensed by CC0.

4. Videezy

Videezy provides a variety of high resolution stock footage of up to 4K which can be chosen by the user. Users need to pay extra attention, as there are some Videezy content equipped with licenses other than CC0. Make sure the stock footage used is equipped with a CC0 license, before using it in content.

Advantages of Downloading Video Online with UC Drive

It is better if the downloaded online video has a central storage media that is easily accessed anytime, anywhere. A popular and frequently used solution is the use of cloud storage technology, which makes it easy for users to access video content wherever and whenever in one account.

One of the most capable cloud storage providers is UC Drive, with several useful features that make UC Drive cloud storage superior to other competitors.

UC Drive is equipped with free storage of 20GB, the most compared to other competitors. With 20GB, users can more freely store and download videos online in greater numbers.

As a context, 20GB is equivalent to 20 films, 4,000 songs, or 20,000 images. The large capacity makes UC Drive the central and main storage media that makes it easy for users to access their favorite online content.

UC Drive also has a feature that makes it easy for users to save and download favorite online videos. Users only need to press the “Like and Save to UC Drive” option on the content that they want to download, then online content will be directly saved to each user's UC Drive.

Once stored on the UC Drive cloud storage, users can access their favorite online video content anywhere, anytime, on any device by simply logging in to each user's UC Drive account.

The content will soon be synchronized to the new device and users will be able to enjoy their favorite content again.

Online Video Storage Media

UC Drive can be a useful storage device for video content needs. Users can collect stock footage collections that are ready to be used at any time for any needs, be it personal collections for social media, or commercial needs in promotional video content or advertisements.

Supported with large capacity and high download speeds, users can download as many free online videos as possible without worrying about running out of storage media on their devices.

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