Tips for Creating Visual Storytelling Videos by Joko Anwar

#kamisukareview – Top film maker homeland Joko Anwar invites Samsung Galaxy S20 series users in Indonesia to maximize video features. One of them is by giving tips for visual video storytelling so that the content looks more quality.

Samsung's flagship smartphone is known for its video recording capabilities. Likewise, the Galaxy S20 Series comes with a variety of advantages.

Create Visual Storytelling Videos via Galaxy Movie Studio

One feature that can be utilized by users is a platform called Galaxy Movie Studio. This platform is deliberately crammed into Samsung Electronics for users in the country so that they can create more optimally through their cellphones.

Samsung Indonesia took Joko Anwar to share tips and tricks on how to create video visual storytelling using various features on the Samsung Galaxy S20 series.

Why is this done by Samsung? To accommodate the desire of the millienials to study cinematography or create video content that has shows like a film but is only assisted with a smartphone device.

The pattern of Indonesian film watching behavior has been dominated by the younger generation with a percentage of 59.1% where this generation is mostly students and students, this age range is also a millennial generation that is still hungry for the development of the world of digital technology.

Referring to the high interest in enjoying films and the desire to create video story content, Joko Anwar gave Galaxy Movie Studio tips on making their first film.

One of them utilizes the Samsung Galaxy S20 series with its features consisting of Single Shot, Ultrawide, 8K Video Recording, Live Focus and Super Steady 2.0 to maximize capturing slick footage.

It's no secret if now making video content worthy of a professional film is very possible even if only using a smartphone. Especially with the Galaxy S20 Series the features and camera capabilities are more than enough to make a video content look dramatic.

According to Joko Anwar, the first step for someone when they want to make a quality video content like a film is to master Director Treatment which is a guide for the director in describing a film.

Consists of camera movement, type of shot, camera angle and story telling or the delivery of stories in order to communicate the scenario in visual form to all the crew involved.

This can be realized through visual storytelling techniques that focus on various types of shooting, good shooting division and color selection which are the basic factors in making a film.

“All of that can be realized by armed with a smartphone, as long as we are smart in maximizing various features in our smartphone, one of them is through the Galaxy S20,” said Joko Anwar.

Tips on How to Make a Visual Story Storying Video

how to make a visual story telling video

Here are some tips and tricks on how to create a visual storytelling video to sharpen the visual film:

• Understand your scenario and master the Director of Treatment so you can communicate scenarios in concrete visual form to all the crew involved.

• Don't be afraid to explore and try various camera angles and camera movements to find your film style. You can maximize the use of Live Focus, Ultrawide, Super Steady 2.0 features and be creative to determine your film style.

• Understand when to use a blast shot to make it easier for you to split each scene and put it together as a whole. You can download the Adobe Rush application on PlayStore to facilitate the editing process of your smartphone.

• Use features on smartphones to create dramatic effects to enrich footage.

• In the process of editing and determining the feel, tone, color selection and other elements, do not be easily satisfied and dare to explore to get the desired results.

If you are still not satisfied, you can continue to follow the Galaxy Movie Studio journey. Check out a series of other exciting activities by watching a variety of inspirational class videos based online.

There are a number of videos about the tips and preparation process for making films in the Galaxy Movie Studio Online Class by subscribing to Samsung Indonesia's official YouTube account via the following link:

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