#kamisukareview – Reality step into the wearable device segment should be appreciated. Now they begin to explore the Indonesian market with their first smart band. And, we already hold a review unit Reality This first band was made to be reviewed in depth.

With an affordable price, Realme is ready to plunge against the 'neighbors' who have already played in the market. Bring the slogan ‘Live Fit. Live Smart ’, the Realm Band is trying to position itself as one of the cheap and stylish smart bands.

Full Review of Band Realm

a review of the band's realm

The expectations of the editorial team for the smart band are actually not too high. The reason is, this is a cheap series that targets the entry level segment. But it turned out that the initial impression when we held Realme Band more than expected. Not bad.

So we are quite excited to review this cheap inexpensive wearable device. Check out our review below:

The design

Indonesian realm band

Not much is offered in the box, only the manual and the unit. Because Realme Band is indeed very practical, does not require a data cable, using the USB Direct Charge (built-in) charging method. So just take the strap off, plug the gadget directly into the USB port only for charging.

smart band realm chargers

It's just that we need an adapter to charge it, because it's not included in the sales package. However, it does not matter because we can use a smartphone adapter. This matter is not too much trouble compared to several other brands that need data cables.

The Indonesian version of the Realme Band review unit that we hold is green. Apart from these color options, there are also black and yellow. Dimensions and weights right. The screen is injected 65 thousand colors with an area of ​​0.96 inches, resolution of 80 × 160 pixels. Quite large and comfortable to look at

With a fairly wide span, the screen is claimed to display 64 letters and display notifications. There are touch buttons to operate and access the screen. The method is simple, tap and hold.

Indonesian band realm prices

The design of the watch is curved with a soft and comfortable strap on the wrist even though it is made of TPU, a kind of plastic material. In indoor conditions we can enjoy a clear display. But in outdoor situations, the display is rather dim.

The fun is, this band has pocketed IP68 certification that can be used in water sports. It's just our advice, you can bring it to soak, swim, etc., but try to avoid high pressure currents or water.

The gravity sensor can turn on the screen every time the user lifts the wrist, also allows the user to check daily data such as time, steps and application notifications.


This smart band is connected via the Realme Link application. So we have to install it first. After it's installed, just connect it to the smartphone. Despite its name, Realme Band, this inexpensive wearable device can connect to other brands. For data synchronization, there is not much that can be discussed, neither can be said to be fast nor too slow.

Once connected, this application can display notifications from social networking sites like Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp to SMS along with 5 watch faces that we can choose according to taste. But only notifications that appear on the smart watch, we can not interact.

This application that is connected to a wearable device provides fairly complete statistics about the activities we do with Realme Band. So the gadget synchronizes to smartphones via Bluetooth so that we can monitor reports such as sleep time, number of steps, heart rate and others.

We can also adjust the brightness and language levels. Oh just for your information, the band's reality automatically turns on when it charges. And if the battery remaining below 3%, this gadget will automatically die. To restart touch the virtual button for 5 seconds during charging.


Furthermore, this gadget also has 9 sport modes. Three modes are available and can be accessed directly from Realme Band. The nine modes are Yoga, Run, Spinning, Walk, Fitness, Hiking, Climbing, Bike, to Cricket.

More than that, some standard features in the smart band have been embedded. This band realm can be used to measure heart rate, there is also a step counter. With Sleep Quality Monitor, the Realme Band algorithm can analyze sleep quality and generate reports on sleep patterns.

There is an idle alert feature that can force users to keep moving and walking and recommend drinking regularly. There is also a weather forecast function. And, there is a 'Search for My Devices' function to find your smartphone if you forget to save.

Battery Capacity

band realm specifications

The review unit of Realme Band Indonesia has a 90mAh battery. With this amount, the device is claimed to have an active time of up to 10 days with heart rate tracking activated.

However, if all the features are active maybe this smart band can last around a week. Not bad. Make the time required to squeeze about an hour from zero to full.

Strengths & Weaknesses of Band Realm

Nothing is perfect in this world, there are always advantages and disadvantages. With low prices, Realme Band is a new alternative smart band on the market. Good design, waterproof and can last up to a week more when used.

It's just that there are some consequences that must be accepted. The vendor did not insert a built-in GPS and NFC in order to cut selling prices. But not a big problem, because each product has its own segment.

Realm Band Prices

Currently, Realme's latest wearable device comes in a choice of colors Black, Green and Yellow. The price of the Band Realme is priced at Rp. 399,000, aiming at the entry level segment.

As an alternative to the smart band it seems we recommend enough. Well, interestingly, the vendor held a flash sale today at 19:00 and April 30 at 12:00. Price? Only IDR 299,000. Attack!

Specifications of Band Realme:

  • Dimensions: 19.6 x 11.9 x 240mm
  • Weight: 20 grams
  • Width: 16 mm
  • Adjustable length: 152-227mm
  • Waterproof: IP68
  • Display: 0.96 inch LCD
  • Color Display: RGB
  • Display Resolution: 80 × 160
  • Strap Material: TPU
  • Sensor: 3-axis accelerometer
  • Features: Real-time heart rate tracker, Smart Notifications, Intelligent Sports Tracker, Personalize the screen display, Sleep Quality Monitor, Smart Realm Link application
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2 BLE
  • Battery: 90mAh
  • Charge Method: USB Direct Charge (built-in)
  • Control: Touch button
  • Operating System: Android 5 and above

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