Mobile Security Service, Telkomsel MyBusiness Security Solution

#kamisukareview – Mobile Security is a solution from Telkomsel myBusiness that is specific to Telkomsel's enterprise (corporate) customer segment. Present to drive the productivity and security of the device.

Moreover, the presence of Telkomsel Mobile Security, especially in optimizing the operational processes of work remotely or work from home in the midst of the Covid-19 national emergency that hit Indonesia.

Mobile Security Service from Telkomsel MyBusiness

Through Mobile Security, organizations will be facilitated in managing end-to-end use of mobile devices and applications and securing sensitive information.

Telkomsel understands that currently many organizations or companies are making operational adjustments in the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak. Including implementing a more flexible and remote work culture such as through the concept of work from home (WFH).

In order to provide comfort and certainty of a work security system online, as a digital telco company Telkomsel now presents a Mobile Security solution. This service that allows employees to work #InHouseTerusAmanman and maintain productivity wherever and whenever.

The solution is also able to facilitate organizations in maximizing collaboration between employees and securing the confidentiality of company data.

Telkomsel Senior Vice President Enterprise Dharma Simorangkir said, “Telkomsel has dedicated the company's potential to help the Indonesian people through the challenges.

“Through the #DiRumahTerusMaju movement by presenting various customer-centricity-based solutions that are able to answer all customer needs.

“Mobile Security is a manifestation of our commitment as a connectivity enabler in helping enterprise segment customers. To continue to increase productivity and ensure the safety of devices and company data despite having to work from home.

This also encourages the organization or company to continue to play an active and adaptable role in creating a more progressive and productive work environment. So that work activities can be carried out anywhere and at any time, especially in challenging situations facing the current COVID-19 pandemic. “

Business Solutions for Corporations at Various Levels

Present through Telkomsel myBusiness, which is a service unit providing a variety of business solutions for business and corporate segments at various levels up to government instirusi, Mobile Security provides security of sensitive data or information as well as managing the use of mobile devices and applications within the scope of the organization.

One of the main features that is superior to Mobile Security is the Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) which is able to provide protection while managing and controlling policies on ABCD elements (application, browser, content, device). UEM control applies to all endpoints, both smartphones and tablets.

This feature makes Mobile Security able to facilitate organizations to manage applications and different content on various devices and operating systems end-to-end so that it can produce cost efficiencies.

Management is also sufficient through an integrated dashboard, so that getting valuable insight from employees becomes easier. Increased productivity can also be realized because employees use applications, data and services belonging to the place where they work.

It can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and from any device safely because Mobile Security supports various types of ownership devices such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Corporate Own Device.

Telkomsel Partners with Leading Partners

In making this solution, Telkomsel also collaborated with leading partners such as Vmware, Blackberry, Samsung Knox, Vostra-Vanguard and Wizy to develop the Mobile Security platform to become a solution with high data security.

Various capabilities offered by Mobile Security are more complete due to the flexible nature of its development, both on-premises, secure cloud and hybrid cloud.

Last year, the Mobile Security service won an award at the 2019 Telecom Asia Awards in the “Most Innovative Approach to Mobile Security” category.

Where this award is the first regional regional international award for business to business (B2B) achieved by Telkomsel in 2019. At the same time this is a proof that Telkomsel always prioritizes innovation to provide quality services for customers, including enterprise customers.

Special Offer in the Pandemic Response Period COVID-19

Understanding that the implementation of working remotely or work from home is becoming more widespread in the COVID-19 response period, Telkomsel offers special offers for enterprise customers.

In the form of free access to Mobile Security services that are valid for 30 days, valid from 16 April to 20 May 2020. For organizations or companies that want to use the Mobile Security service.

Telkomsel has prepared an Account Manager team in various regions in Indonesia who are ready to provide services like a personal consultant. Further information and for activation of the subscription can be accessed via

“Going forward, Telkomsel will continue to move forward as a digital telco company centered on the principle of customer-centricity in order to provide integrated services that are able to answer various customer needs, including in the enterprise sector.

“We hope that this solution can accelerate the use of digital technology in various corporate and government operational activities as a whole and in a sustainable manner.

“Through the implementation of digital technology, we are optimistic that the entire organization and the human resources in it can get through the challenging times as it is now,” concluded Dharma.

Previously, Telkomsel myBusiness also provided video conferencing services, namely CloudX, a cloud-based integrated communication service, in encouraging organizations to maintain the effectiveness and productivity of work from home activities.

Telkomsel presents special price packages and free access and special quotas for this CloudX service feature which can be accessed flexibly from a variety of devices so that productivity is maintained even if you have to work from home.

In addition, in an effort to educate enterprise customers, the Telkomsel business unit will also hold a webinar entitled “Digital Workspace Secure Your Data Assets” which will be held on May 6, 2020 through the CloudX application.

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