#kamisukareview – Samsung is the leader of the smartphone industry, it's only natural that these vendors always benchmark other brands. So, no exaggeration if the arrival of the review unit Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra to the editorial desk we welcomed with great enthusiasm.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra isn't a flagship for being pampered or flattered, but testing it makes the review1st team have experience to a product that other brands refer to. Bad means being ready to be blasphemed, good means being praised as high as the sky by netizens. That is the fate of the market leader.

Full Review of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

So it's no exaggeration if the spirit to try out the review unit of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is increasingly burning, when we have seen and rocked this flagship HP.

First impression, solid, good built quality. Enough. From here, the aura of high-end devices is felt. But the next impression like what, let's both test it.

Body Design

advantages and disadvantages of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

The first time I saw a review unit of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, the feel of the flagship was already so thick. Smartphone with a sturdy design, curved screen and touchscreen area almost meet the front sector. Then hold it, feel solid, sturdy and body material not cans.

But, after fiddling with no more than one minute, began to show fingerprint marks. We who want this device to always look sleek are forced to so often wiped it with clothes.

We mean not to look dull, expensive products.

In the end, it's easy to think of this smartphone as fingerprint-stained as a shortcoming, a small minus that is immediately identified. It doesn't reduce the luxury, but …

Overall, the design is interesting, we like it. Its elongated body, square camera holder protruding from the rear panel makes it look exceptional. Can be exhibited once, the hallmark of the S20 Ultra. This thick camera frame design might be made to support 100% zoom function. The risk is one, easily rubbed and bumped.

The front panel which has a 6.2 inch touch screen span adorned with 2X Dynamic AMOLED technology. The resolution is unmitigated, Quad HD + (3200 × 1440 pixels) with Infinity-O. Has pocketed HDR10 + Certified and injected a 120Hz refresh rate.

This front area is very bad in our opinion. When the High refresh rate mode is activated, everything that appears on the screen feels so smooth and responsive. The settings are very easy.

Just for information, the 120Hz refresh rate can be achieved in FHD mode and 60Hz in QHD mode. Used to play highly addictive games, as well as watching videos and activities related to display quality, are very satisfying!

Processor & Memory

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

We tasted the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra version 5G review unit. So this series is based on the Exynos 990 chipset that has been planted with 5G networks, although it cannot be used in Indonesia yet. The SoC from the review unit that we hold goes through the 7nm + production process. That is, the kitchen spur is very efficient and power efficient.

For the graphics processor, Samsung entrusts the GPU Mali-G77 MP11 which is able to handle high definition images and games with heavyweight 3D graphics can be devoured casually.

For those who like to store as many applications as possible, 12GB RAM capacity would have been more than enough to accommodate your collection. Not only that, the Galaxy S20 Ultra review unit that we tested had 128GB of internal storage.

The LPDDR5 RAM component embedded in the Galaxy S20 series is a new breakthrough. The advantages of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has become a new breakthrough and initiated new changes in the mobile phone industry of the future.

With this LPDDR5 memory module data transmission speeds can reach up to 5,500 Mbps. Not only about speed, this LPDDR5 module also focuses on energy efficiency, as needed in various mobile devices.

This latest memory component provides a Deep Sleep Mode feature to reduce power consumption by up to 40 percent from before.

If some flagships don't have an external memory slot, Samsung is still generous in plugging in a microSDXC slot. In our opinion this is the strength of the S20 Ultra and is good news for those who need it. Supports capacities up to 1 TB.

Here are the Geekbench Galaxy S20 Ultra scores, for Single Core recorded scores: 862 and Multi Core scored 2597. While our graphic ability scores are monitored through 3DMark, where for OpenGL it reaches 6,652 and Vulkan 5142.

Operating System and Features

Galaxy S20 Ultra Features

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra review unit is already equipped with the Android operating system 10. For the interface, Samsung has raised one level from its predecessor series. This smartphone runs using One UI 2.1, whose capabilities are more perfect than the previous version.

Samsung's interface support is, in our opinion, one of the best. As per their claim we can enjoy the most intuitive, simple and efficient experience.

Samsung buried a number of default applications such as SmartThings to support smart homes, then there is Samsung Health, support transactions on the go with Samsung Pay, and others.

That's right, the vendor said, the visual language One UI is simple and designed for clarity. The details are made for a consistent and friendly look. There is Dark Mode, Dynamic Screen Lock, adjusting color preferences and contrast elements easily.

This smartphone has an in-screen fingerprint sensor that is quite responsive to touch. There is also a face unlock that is no less fast in unlocking, being able to recognize faces in only a fraction of a second. The outer ring of the front camera hole will glow with animation when this feature is active.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera

Samsung Galaxy S20 Camera

The advantages of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra are undoubtedly in the camera sector. One of the best in its class. In this review unit, we found four cameras side by side forming a rectangular box formation on the rear body. While the front camera uses a sensor in the form of a dot on the forehead of the touch panel.

Samsung itself attaches a series of cameras with the following configurations: Ultra Wide 12MP F2.2 (120 degrees); Wide-angle 108MP F1.8 (90 degrees) PDAF, OIS; Telephoto 48MP, PDAF, F3.5 (24 degrees), OIS; DepthVision Camera. From our experience, the results of the camera topnotch in various conditions, day, night, outdoor, indoor.

Low light photo

What needs to be highlighted from this latest Samsung flagship HP camera is a feature called space zoom on one of its sensors. This feature can zoom up to 100x magnification. From our experiments, the procession of zooming from normal to reaching the final magnification made the interface shake even more, making focus taking more difficult.

However, the results are quite extraordinary. It's normal that at 100x magnification we will get a picture full of noise and sharpness decreases dramatically. But the quality of the shots is satisfying.

0.5x zoom
1.0x zoom
5 x zoom
10x zoom
30x zoom
100x zoom

The results of the bokeh are topnotch and look natural. With the Live Focus feature, we can enjoy good quality shots in abundant light conditions. The focus is very sharp with blur areas that look natural.

The support of the 108MP camera lens is aided by the Miss-Binning technology which will combine nine pixels into one so that the sensor can produce 12MP photos.

The larger pixel size of Miss-Binning can take up to 9x more light in order to increase the clarity of the photo even though the object taken is in dim conditions so that all moments can be captured clearly.

For those who like exploration, Samsung provides several interesting features related to the camera. For example ‘single-take mode’ which can be used to take an instant shot for less than 10 seconds. Capture valuable moments smartly and we just choose the best.

The video recording capability of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra review unit is still the best. In video mode, we can zoom up to 20%. In addition, there are many feature options ranging from timelapse, slow motion and video recording up to 4K with perfect image stabilization.

Through a 108MP lens capable of also Galaxy S20 Ultra phones can be used to record video with 8K quality at 30fps.

For the front camera, Samsung has a 40MP sensor, supported by PDAF F2.2 (80 degrees). Make a selfie photo is very satisfying. So, in the front sector there are not many complaints because the vendor has given the best offer.

S20 Ultra Battery Capacity

Price of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra battery is quite a monster with 5000mAh capacity. When tested for a week revealed if the average Screen on Time is in the range of 6 hours. Can last around all day. It's still worth it, for flagship devices whose contents are all thirsty for power.

Although this 5,000 mAh battery is nothing new in the realm of smartphones, compared to its siblings, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra's Revieq unit has a much larger battery capacity.

For information, the Galaxy S20 is powered by a 4,000 mAh battery while the Galaxy S20 + has a 4,500 mAh battery. Oh yes, thanks to fast charging, jumbo battery capacity is not a problem because it can be fully charged again in just one hour.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra review unit also supports wireless charging up to 15 watts. It can even be used to charge other devices that are compatible with the Wireless PowerShare feature. Activate the feature ,, back down, and you just have to put the device you want to charge on its back.

Price of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: Buy or Not?

For the review unit we hold, the 5G version, Samsung does not sell it in Indonesia. But in broad outline, in addition to 5G support, this series has the performance, features and capabilities that are almost similar to the Galaxy S20 Ultra for Rp. 18,499,000.

Samsung released two color variants for this smartphone. Namely Cosmic Black and Cosmic Gray. If you see the overall ability, for those who have a budgey Galaxy S20 Ultra is a product that is quite recommended. Prestige, specifications, technology, multimedia are all well represented at the top level.

Advantages and disadvantages

As a flagship smartphone the Samsung Galaxy S20's advantages are undeniably abundant. But perfection belongs only to God, so there are still some identified deficiencies.

The question of photography need not be asked, 108MP camera support, 100x camera zoom and 40MP camera capabilities are guaranteed. Similarly, the combination of Dynamic AMOLED displays and 110Hz display refresh rates is unbeatable.

The dimensions and weights are a bit over the top, but if it's a matter of fact it's relative, it depends on the user. And for 3.5mm audio port lovers, you are forced to bite your fingers, because the Samsung S20 Ultra review unit isn't equipped with this option. That's the advantages and disadvantages of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra in our opinion.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Specifications:

  • Screen: 6.9-inch Quad HD + Dynamic AMOLED Display, HDR10 +, 120Hz refresh rate
  • Aspect Ratio: 20: 9 aspect ratio
  • Chipset: Exynos 990
  • The CPU: octa-core 2.7GHz, dual-core NPU
  • The GPU: Mali-G77 MP11
  • RAM: 12 / 16GB LPDDR5
  • Storage 128/256 / 512GB UFS 3.0 (microsd slot)
  • Rear Camera: Quad 108MP f / 1.8, 1 / 1.33 ″ sensor, OIS, PDAF + 12 MP f / 2.2 wide-angle 120 ° + 48MP f / 3.5 Telephoto + DepthVision (ToF) Camera, 10x hybrid optical zoom, 100x digital zoom, PDAF, Livefocus Video, EIS, Portrait Mode, LED flash, 720p @ 960fps, 8K @ 24fps Video Recording
  • Front camera: 40MP f / 2.2, 0.7um pixels, PDAF
  • OS: Android 10 with One UI 2.0
  • Feature: IP68 dust & water resistance, Audio: Stereo speakers by AKG, Dolby Atmos tech, 5G / 4G LTE, In-Display Fingerprint, USB Type-C, NFC
  • Battery: 5000mAh with 25W fast charging, Support 45W fast charging, Support Wireless Charging & PowerShar
  • Color: Cosmic Black and Cosmic Gray

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