3 Indonesia Provides 7 Thousand Prime & Free Internet for Referral Hospitals

#kamisukareview – Indonesia's efforts in helping the government deal with COVID-19 continue. This time, 3 Indonesia provides 7,000 KitaBersatu starter cards with a free 25GB quota for health workers, patients and volunteers in 14 COVID-19 referral hospitals in Jakarta and West Java.

Not only that, 3 also increased capacity and increased the range of base transceiver stations (BTS) around the hospital area.

“In an effort to help mitigate Covid-19, we have worked with various parties to provide assistance that we can provide.

“One of them is by providing free internet facilities that can help fellow health workers and also patients to always be connected with loved ones,” said Vice President Director of Hutchison 3 Indonesia M. Danny Buldansyah.

A list of 14 hospitals that have received this assistance are:

? RSPI Sulianti Saroso

? Koja Hospital

? Cengkareng Regional Hospital

? Tarakan Regional Hospital

? RSKD Duren Sawit

? Hasan Sadikin Hospital

? Subang Hospital

? Pelni Hospital

? Bekasi Regional Hospital

? Dustira Hospital

? Karawang Hospital

? Bayu Asih Hospital

? Cibabat Hospital

? Syamsudin SH Hospital

The 14 hospitals listed above are also hospitals that receive sleeping pod support for medical personnel from Bobobox with the Li Ka Shing Foundation to help mitigate COVID-19.

Tri Indonesia complements the sleeping pod assistance with a starter pack and free internet so that all hospital residents can connect and communicate smoothly.

Previously, Hutchison Tri Indonesia had partnered with UNICEF to open a donation channel from customers and also worked with BNPB to provide free internet access for 5,000 medical workers, patients, and volunteers at the COVID-19 Emergency Management Hospital at Kemayoran Atlet Hospital.

In addition, Hutchison 3 Indonesia also donated Rp10 billion to help sustain COVID-19 mitigation efforts throughout Indonesia through the Present BUMN Foundation for the Country.

In efforts to mitigate the impact of the ongoing pandemic, Hutchison 3 Indonesia also supports the government's call for the community to maintain physical distance.

Hutchison 3 Indonesia ensures the availability of superior internet services and provides relevant products such as the AlwaysOn starter card that provides free access to Edmodo e-learning applications for one month, as well as the AlwaysOn Unlimited data package that gives unlimited access to all applications.

Hutchison 3 Indonesia always gives its best effort to help its users to work, study, socialize, and enjoy entertainment comfortably from home.

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