Booyah Tips to Play Free Fire ala Dyland Pros

#kamisukareview – In this increasingly modern era, playing games is no longer a hobby / activity that is only done to fill the empty time in between the busy life that is lived. One of them plays Free Fire, one of the online games on mobile.

Dyland Maximus Zidane, or better known as Dyland Pros, one of the content creators Evos-Free Fire, shares stories of how he started playing games that were just a hobby to become a profession that is occupied until now and what are the factors supporting success when playing an online game. , or the term is #AutoBooyah.

Samsung Electronics Indonesia had invited its users to play together with the Free Fire mobile game with Dyland Pros, which will be held live streaming on May 9th.

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“Playing games is not enough to only have skills, having a reliable device is also one of the keys to my success so far. I pursue mobile games, so it's really important to have a smartphone that can support live gaming all day smoothly without any lag, it's not fast, and certainly not wasteful of batteries, “said Dyland Pros – EVOS Content Creator, Free Fire.

“Since when I explored the Samsung Galaxy A51 to play mobile games online, I felt this was the right choice and could be recommended as a mainstay smartphone to play Free Fire to #AutoBooyah.

“Starting from the processor, battery, AI Gaming Booster features, to screen recording everything is complete enough to play everyday games,” Dyland added.

Booyah Tips for Playing Free Fire

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Check out tips from Dyland Pros for playing games on the Galaxy A51 so #AutoBooyah:

Activate AI Gaming Booster feature

AI Gaming Booster is a feature that serves to recognize all types / types of games that are being played, and automatically optimizes performance as needed.

This feature can increase framerate by 20% when used, AI Gaming has several uses, namely:

? Auto Control: Activate this feature to stabilize the temperature of the smartphone so that it does not overheat when playing online games such as Free Fire, which certainly results in a greater workload than playing casual games like Candy Crush, this feature keeps the smartphone temperature at a normal temperature so there is no decrease in framerate / fps drop.

? Screen Record: If you want to follow in the footsteps of an idol pro-player, maybe you can use this screen record feature to start recording and share your Booyah experience on social media, who knows if you are glimpsed by the E-Sports Team to become a professional player.

? Check Status, Block Notifications: This feature also has a function to make it easier for you to display the smartphone battery status, by showing the status of battery power information and how long this smartphone can be used to play.

In addition, in this AI you can also block all message notifications and incoming calls when you are having fun playing.

Find a large & comfortable smartphone screen to mata

When it's fun to play games, it's not enough if it's just for an hour. Make sure we use a smartphone that has a large screen and is comfortable for the eyes, so using it for hours will not be a problem.

Samsung Galaxy A51 is already using a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display panel. In addition to making content satisfied with a wide screen, this screen works to produce clear graphics and detailed colors when playing games. Makes you easier to see the enemy around.

Strong Battery, Fast Charge

If it's exciting to play, then suddenly the battery drop feels really bad right? Now for me, another reason why the Galaxy A51 is suitable as a mainstay smartphone to play games, because the Galaxy A51 has a battery capacity of 4,000mAh and has been supported with a 15 Watt fast charging feature.

You can be satisfied chasing Booyah all day without fear of running out of battery, if only the battery runs out of charge for a few moments and continue playing without limits.

Not only in terms of smartphone devices, Dyland also shares the tricks of his skills playing Free Fire.

Aiming & Shooting (Aim and Shoot)

Free Fire is not a game that is too difficult to play because it has an Auto Assist system that makes us aim easily.

So, so we can win every gunfight, the tips are to aim our rifles directly to the opponent's head by swiping up when we shoot. That way the enemy will die instantly without any resistance.

Dive in a Safe Place

At the beginning of the game and we are required to jump into the area on the map, and sometimes we can jump in places that are crowded with people. This can get us shot in the beginning because we don't get weapons.

Determine the place where you will dive, discuss with a teammate and make sure the chosen place is safe, not many people but has a lot of resources. “By the way my favorite place to jump is Brazil in the Purgatory map,” Dyland said.

Looting Tips Play Free Fire

Looting or looting is an activity where we collect various items in the battle arena that can support us against the enemy.

Dyland added, “I am the type of person who likes looting for a long time, because in my opinion looting is a fun thing. We can collect weapons, equipment to the max level so that even when meeting the enemy, it is ready to go directly to war.

“Well, my looting tips are to do a spinning trick on the character, so don't just stand still because with us spinning around when the enemy sees and shoots most will only hit the legs.”

“In the end, continuous training and coordinating with fellow teammates is an important key needed to reach Booyah easily,” Dyland said.

Samsung Galaxy A51 can be a smartphone choice that supports gaming activities to become smoother and more exciting.

Galaxy A51 has two choices of memory capacity of 128 / 6GB and 128 / 8GB, and comes with several attractive colors namely Prism Crush Blue, Prism Crush White and Prism Crush Black.

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