#kamisukareview – Galaxy A31, as a new series of Galaxy A series, presents various awesome features that support the needs of gamers and content creators. It turns out there are some features that become advantages Samsung Galaxy A31 is worthy of being the choice of daily drivers for gamers.

As is known, playing live gaming on a smartphone is one of the most popular activities. Generation Z includes, among them, 98.8% of them actively use smartphones and often use them for live gaming needs.

The advantages of Samsung Galaxy A31

Not only for playing needs, they also like to create a variety of live content creations, one of them is like creating gameplay experience content on their smartphone screens.

Samsung mobile Galaxy A31 pocket some features that can accommodate the needs of gamers and content creators. Then, what features are the advantages of the Samsung Galaxy A31 to be an option as a daily driver for gamers? Here's the order:

Powerful Processor, Play Smooth Games Without Lag

Choosing a smartphone partner that is able to provide a smooth gameplay experience is important for a gamer. Samsung A31 has good standards for playing live gaming and creating content.

Besides being supported by a wide screen, the advantages of the Samsung Galaxy A31 is also because it is equipped with a MediaTek Helio P65 processor designed to improve smartphone performance, one of which is for live gaming.

Even this was admitted by EVOS Indonesia's Talent Ambassador, Bangskot “Playing online games with pretty heavy graphics can be resisted well by the Galaxy A31.

It was proven when I was doing an experiment together, like Mobile Legends, I felt the anti-lag playing process from the beginning to the end, after finding out everything turned out thanks to the support of the processor, “said Bangskot.

AI Gaming Booster Samsung Galaxy A31

In addition, according to Bangskot, the most disturbing gamers when playing games is when there is interference. Because gamers can lose focus and can break the strategy that has been prepared. For that, the advantages of Samsung A31 is equipped with AI Gaming Booster feature, which can block notifications when activated.

“Yes, when you play the game then you get a notification, for example a telephone like that, you can disperse the concentration. Well, when yesterday I tried to activate the Notification Block feature in the AI ​​Gaming Booster Galaxy A31. I can focus on playing games without being interrupted by phone calls or notifications from social messengers, “added Bangskot.

In addition to blocking notifications, AI Gaming Booster also has the ability to analyze all types of games to provide efficient performance when users are playing games and other features that can provide comfort for gamers, including:

Check battery status and temperature: This option is very useful for gamers to find out the status of the power and temperature of the smartphone they use in order to be able to anticipate the smartphone's break time correctly.

Discord: This feature has quite a variety of functions, but what is usually used is the chat between fellow players for smooth communication needs. Users and teams are ready to conquer opponents with the same mission strategy.

Screen Recording, Make it Easy for Users to Be Creative

What if users have the desire to produce gaming content? The answer is of course you can with the advantages of this Samsung Galaxy A3.

Through a 20 MP front camera and screen recording option feature, the Galaxy A31 allows users to record their actions thoroughly with the user's face which will appear on the screen through the front camera.

“Screen recording feature on the Galaxy A31 allows users to become gamers and content creators at the same time. Just recording our actions while giving a funny natural reaction can attract a large audience to enjoy the results of the game.

“Moreover, the Galaxy A31 also supports a built-in video editor that is easily applied to cut scenes that are unnecessary and just upload them directly to social media accounts,” said Bangskot.

“Another benefit, this screen recording function can also be used as our review material to review game performance, suitable also for those who want to seriously practice and aspire to become professional gamers”.

In addition, 6GB of large RAM is able to work fast to launch multitasking processes between applications. 128GB of internal memory that can be expanded up to 512 GB is also capable of storing many games and thousands of video content from the user's gaming content.

Comfortable Design and Wide Screen

Galaxy A31 presents a 6.4 inch wide screen that is supported by Super AMOLED panels for visual comfort playing live gaming in bright and dim light conditions so users can be more comfortable playing wherever and whenever.

“The wide screen of the smartphone becomes an important point for gamers; imagine if we have a large enough finger size, but the smartphone screen tends to be narrow then it will greatly affect the performance in playing online games, especially for control controls.

Smartphones with screen sizes of more than 6 inches are considered comfortable enough to play games, especially if supported by Super AMOLED quality that allows us to play in any lighting situation, “added Bangskot.

In addition, the design presented tends to be lightweight with dimensions of 73.1 x 159.3 x 8.66mm with a weight of 185g with an ergonomic grip. Hours of playing games and editing game content will not stiff users.

The Galaxy A31 is offered at an official retail price of Rp 4,199,000 and can be obtained at Lazada, Blibli, JD.ID, Shopee, Tokopedia, Samsung.com, and Samsung's official retail stores. For more information, you can visit www.GalaxyAseries.com

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