Xiaomi Mi 10 Indonesia Forced Dismantled, The contents Turned out …

#kamisukareview – What if the latest flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi 10 Indonesia dismantled one by one offal? Of course we will be able to see various components used and embedded in it. And apparently there are many interesting things that can be found.

As is known, Xiaomi Mi 10 for Indonesia has been equipped with a series of capable hardware and software capabilities to support user needs, especially in content creation.

Teardown Xiaomi Mi 10 Indonesia

Well, recently, Xiaomi Indonesia unloaded the Mi 10 so that the public would know more about the capabilities of this device. They teardown the HP and show the hardware components that are in it.

Before discussing this teardown at length, it must be known if Xiaomi has just launched its latest flagship, Mi 10, for the Indonesian market. HP is claimed to have the sophistication of hardware and software that marks Xiaomi's 10-year commitment to continue to innovate in meeting user needs, especially in creating content.

Through the Mi 10 Teardown event that was held virtually, Xiaomi unloaded the Mi 10 and showed all smartphone components priced at Rp 9,999,000. Let's take a peek right away.

Graphite Layers, NFC Components and Wireless Charge

Xiaomi Mi 10 Indonesia Forced Dismantled, The contents Turned out ...

Xiaomi started the dismantling process by removing the rear body of MI 10. The removal of the rear body of the device is done using a suction cup with a previously heated device to reduce the glue adhesion to the device.

Keep in mind, this demolition process should only be carried out by professionals and is not recommended for users.

Once opened, it can be seen that most of the inner components of this cellphone are coated with graphite which functions for anti-static. Other components such as NFC and wireless charging technology can also be seen here. 30W wireless charging technology only takes 65 minutes to be fully charged.

Dual Speaker Components

xiaomi mi 10 teardown

This phone has dual stereo speakers that are placed symmetrically on the top and bottom. This dual speaker consists of two super linear 1216 speakers and a speaker chamber equivalent to 1.0cc with speaker amplitudes up to 0.5mm.

This speaker configuration and layout allows users to get a high-resolution audio experience.

Battery Components

Xiaomi Mi 10 Battery

After removing the graphite, you can see several components such as the motherboard and its battery components. On the right, you can see a battery with a capacity of 4,780mAh and supported by 30W fast recharging wired or wireless.

Under the battery pack, there is an ultra-thin optical fingerprint, which is used to support fingerprint in-display technology on smartphones.

Rear Camera Components

camera component

After removing the rear camera frame, you can see the Quad-Camera module from this Xiaomi mobile. The 108MP sensor on this module stands out thanks to its larger size than the other three sensors. Several other components and laser autofocus modules are also seen here.

Both components will work with software such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) 2.0 and night-mode 2.0, which allows Mi 10 to capture clear details for taking photos during the day, as well as brighter and clearer photos at night.

Motherboard Components

Snapdragon 865 Xiaomi

The motherboard of Mi 10 uses an “L” shaped design with copper foil and graphite protector. The motherboard consists of several Mi 10 main components such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 together, the Wi-Fi 6 chip which is the most advanced Wi-Fi standard available today, the power management module, and audio-decoding.

This motherboard is also equipped with a combination of LPDDR5 and UFS3.0 storage which makes it has a fast data reading and computational speed.

Front Camera Components

front camera components

Xiaomi Mi 10 Indonesia has a front camera with a resolution of 20MP. In addition to photography needs, the camera can also be used to unlock the screen.

LiquidCool 2.0 Cooling System

When dismantled, you can also find a LiquidCool 2.0 cooling system inside that covers a wide area of ​​the surface. This sophisticated cooling system consists of a large steam chamber, as well as multi-layer graphite, and piles of graphene that can eliminate heat arising from a long duration of use.

“Every component in this cellphone is designed as perfect as possible to support the lifestyle needs of active users, such as young professionals and tech enthusiasts.

In addition, this cellphone also provides experience in creating extraordinary photography and videographic content in an easy way, ”said Xiaomi Indonesia's Product PR Manager Andi Renreng.

This smartphone redefines the limitations of photography and videography with impressive hardware and software settings. For videography, for example, it has an advanced 8K 30fps Ultra HD video recording feature to capture every moment in detail.

This cellphone also has various and unique video modes such as video portrait, color focus, ShootSteady, vlog mode, to slow motion mode.

Now that's the component in the Indonesian version of Xiaomi Mi 10? How about the quality?

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