Doing business online in Ramadhan Anti Lowbat using Galaxy M31

#kamisukareview – Now we must be able to adapt quickly to new work patterns. For creative entrepreneurs, running and encouraging an online business can be a solution to boost income. Especially in this Ramadhan, the interest in doing food business and Eid clothing online will be higher.

We must always have fresh ideas and new innovations in running an online business. To be able to continue like that, certainly needed a capable supporting device to be able to fulfill all things.

Galaxy M31 has been present to meet all these needs, this smartphone has come with a number of technologies and features that can be used so that you can remain actively creative. So that online business remains smooth in this Ramadhan month.

Batteries Can Last a Full Day

hp battery online business

You don't need to worry that the battery will run out quickly because the Galaxy M31 has been powered with a power of 6,000 mAh. With that much capacity you can use it all day for browsing to sites that include business tips, watching streaming or webinars from business / entrepreneurship training online while waiting for the time to break the fast.

Maybe sometimes you also need to have an online meeting with colleagues, business partners or consumers. This smartphone can be used to fulfill all your activities a full day without worrying that the battery will run out quickly.

If the battery runs out, you don't need to worry about hampering your activities because the Galaxy M31 is also equipped with a Fast Charging 15 W feature that can charge batteries from lowbat to full within 3 hours.

6.4 Inch Wide Screen

wide screen online business galaxy m31

Another interesting thing, you can also display all content such as seminars or marketing education through its wide screen. Because the Galaxy M31 has been equipped with a 6.4 inch Super AMOLED screen which is very comfortable when viewed.

Adopts Infinity-U Display screen design, screen Samsung Galaxy M31 has a ratio of 19.5: 9 and high resolution full HD + which is certainly very suitable for displaying various content including high quality video streaming.

Galaxy M31 also has a Dark Mode feature that will automatically adjust the intensity of light according to conditions, so we don't need to worry if vision will be interrupted when looking at the smartphone screen at night, especially if we get a lot of orders before dawn.

Always on Display Helps Push Productivity

Furthermore, the Samsung has also packed the Galaxy M31 so that users are always productive when doing business anywhere, including when they have to work from home and many other activities such as preparing orders to break their fast through their Always On Display feature, you can see all notifications without having to touch the smartphone

This feature allows the smartphone screen to remain idle when not in use, will continue to turn on without backlight to display various information such as time, date. Including displaying all incoming notifications so you will not miss every message.

In addition to giving an elegant impression the Always on Display feature can make you more quickly respond to every incoming message so that prospective buyers, customers and business colleagues will be comfortable with the service you provide.

Maximize Product Photos & Videos with a Professional Camera

The results of Samsung Galaxy M31 photos

One crucial thing that can not be separated from a mobile device at this time is the existence of the camera features. Galaxy M31 has been crammed with a capable camera so that your products that are photographed or videoed with this smartphone camera will be more ogled by consumers.

This smartphone has been equipped with a Quad Camera, a 64 MP capable lens as the main camera, a 123 degree UltraWide lens 8 MP, a 5 MP lens that has depth sensor capability or is known as a “bokeh” camera, and finally the 5 MP macro lens.

Thus your product that is captured by this camera will look more professional and this will directly increase consumer confidence in you as a trusted seller.

The same thing will also be obtained through the video feature, parties Samsung has crammed a Super Steady feature that makes video results look even more stable without the aid of dreadlocks or additional stabilizers. So that your products will be more attractive to consumers when displayed on your social media account.

Large Memory Capacity

Good quality photos and videos will certainly have an impact on the use of large memory. However, you don't need to worry about running out of memory because Samsung has equipped it with 128GB of space.

If that capacity is still lacking you can add a memory card up to 512GB so you don't need to worry this Galaxy M31 will run out of storage space when used to take high-quality photos and videos.

So, we can still actively run a business while working at home without obstacles because the presence of devices and the use of the right technology will greatly help our activities.

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