This is the reason the price of HP Flagship in China can be cheap

#kamisukareview – Why the price of HP flagship in China can be so cheap? This question is quite intriguing, but it cannot be denied if the reality is the price of high end smartphones of certain brands is classified as very 'sloping' compared to other brands of flagship smartphones.

You could say there are several brands in China that the price difference of the flagship series can be very much cheaper than the flagship series produced by Samsung or Apple's iPhone. Though the smartphone is claimed to have an identical package of features and hardware.

As quoted from Phonearena, one of the smartphone manufacturers from China which is known to have affordable prices Xiaomi. This brand has even been so popular as a cheap mobile flagship provider.

The company itself already exists in the Asian region as a mobile phone manufacturer that provides devices at prices that are more 'skewed' than its rivals.

Xiaomi itself even explored the Xiaomi European market with high end devices Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 which at that time was priced at 500 euros, or about 8 million rupiah (exchange rate of 16,000), almost half the price of the Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X in the region at that time.

But about the features and specifications, don't ask, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 has the latest bezel-less design and top hardware. The price in China itself is, of course, much cheaper.

So how could it be like that?

Phonearena provides a fairly clear explanation. Users in the U.S. and European regions may still not be ge riddling ’. But in his home country, Xiaomi apparently has a different business model and is enough to make a 'shock'.

This Android-based smartphone has been significantly customized by the vendor with an interface called MIUI. But it is not just 'skin' or just appearance because MIUI in China has been injected with ads …. adverts.

No, not a bug, because ads that insert in MIUI are a feature. Obviously, we cannot buy Xiaomi phones without an ad system. And this is a normal thing there.

In fact, users in China often turn MIUI into 'AdUI' because of the insertion of advertisements contained in its interface. But please note that Xiaomi phones for other countries' markets are not supported by system-wide ads, aka only in China.

To confirm that the system ads are really a feature, here is the latest promotion from Xiaomi where the company offers custom themes that can be purchased. And, users can enjoy an ad-free experience in a limited time by reaching into some money.

The adverts themselves can appear in unexpected places in the interface, not just on the lockscreen. Here are the terms of the MIUI promo that are taking place in China, via Google Translate from Mandarin:

(5) “Remove ads automatically”:
When a user purchases a membership, most system ads and system ads are automatically removed. Third-party ads (ie third-party ads) cannot be automatically waived. Some dual card phones may be affected. A millet account and can only be automatically exempt from a cell phone ad, such as a millet account binding multiple mobile phones, automatically removing the advertising rights will be affected. If a member account binds a new mobile phone within the validity period of the member, this right may have a delay of about one day.

This could be a clue why smartphones in China can be very cheap. So the term “when it's free, you are the product,” is true. When everything feels free, we don't realize that we are the product.

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