#kamisukareview – HUAWEI presents a laptop for the first time in Indonesia, namely HUAWEI Matebook D14. Many advantages HUAWEI Mate D 14 starting from the specifications and price. Claimed to have strong performance, there is a multi-platform ecosystem, modern design that is aesthetic, versatile and flexible, immersive screen, eye protection, long battery life.

This laptop is also claimed to provide security and privacy, and certainly at affordable prices. It is no secret, many considerations when someone chooses a laptop that will be used either for study, work, or play.

These considerations start from memory capacity, light weight, and certainly affordable prices. Understanding this, HUAWEI presents a laptop for the first time in Indonesia, namely HUAWEI Matebook D14.

Quick Review HUAWEI MateBook D14

Many advantages of HUAWEI MateBook D14 are worth highlighting such as strong performance, multi-platform ecosystem, modern aesthetic design, versatile and flexible, immersive screen, eye protection, long battery life, guaranteed security and privacy, and certainly at affordable prices .

Well, here is a brief review of HUAWEI MateBook D14, so that it can give an idea, whether it is the right laptop and as needed. Because sometimes hunting laptops is an important process and can be difficult.

Many people are looking for laptops with various features for work that have enough memory for college assignments or just hobbies, such as playing video games, light weight, and most importantly, affordable prices.

With many criteria like that can be difficult, well whether the product that matches these criteria is HUAWEI MateBook D14? Released in early May 2020, Mate D 14 is a strong competitor for mid-level laptops. Come see the review.

Screen & Body Design

Specifications of Huawei Matebook D14

Lo Khing Seng, Deputy Country Director of Huawei Consumer Business Group Indonesia explained, “Huawei continues to carry out its mission to bring experimental innovations to every product we offer.

“With HUAWEI MateBook D14, we focus on providing the best experience for young consumers, according to their needs. This laptop can not only be a productivity partner but also a perfect device for all scenarios from work to play. “

What makes the HUAWEI Mate D 14 special is the aesthetic and modern design with elegant layers, as well as the HUAWEI FullView layer. Very thin bezels and integrated cameras on the keyboard allow for reduced dimensions so that this laptop can have a wider layer but is still portable.

Life is a collection of various images that take us to different moments, therefore Huawei decided to use an immersive layer that can adapt to a variety of content. With a size of 322.5mm x 214.8mm x 15.9mm and weighs 1.38kg, it is one of the smallest and lightest laptops on the market that offers a comprehensive viewing experience.

The panel used by HUAWEI Mate D 14 has received TÜV Rheinland certification for low blue light emission so it can protect eyes better.

HUAWEI MateBook D14 Performance & Specifications

HUAWEI MateBook D Series is supported by AMD Ryzen 7 3700U Mobile processor which offers strong performance and is also able to maintain a high level of stability and reliable. In addition, this device also uses RadeonTM RX Vega 10 Graphics, users can enjoy the highest quality images.

Having access to documents whenever needed is a necessity for both work and personal needs, however, not all devices can meet this need.

Poor connectivity, unfriendly wifi networks, and broken cables are some of the obstacles we face every day. Huawei has succeeded in establishing seamless connectivity to support the interconnectivity of various devices so that they can be connected easily via Huawei Share.

This Huawei laptop offers an opportunity for users to use the laptop not only as a tool that supports our work performance and productivity but also an entertainment center. One of the main characteristics of this processor is a high speed that allows users to play various games.

Battery Capacity

This laptop also has a high capacity battery that is 56Wh so it can be used up to 9.5 hours of 1080 video playback continuously on a single charge. This advantage gives users the freedom to use a laptop without having to worry about the percentage of power or battery.

Regarding security, MateBook D14 offers 2 elements that can protect users. First is the One Touch function that combines the fingerprint reading and the power button so that system activation and user authentication can be done instantly and easily.

In addition, the camera on the laptop is in the keyboard area and can be activated when not in use so as to minimize the intrusion of users' privacy. HUAWEI MateBook D14 is a star of mid-level products that Huawei has to offer.

This device has strong internal components that can compete with even more expensive laptops and also offers basic gaming capabilities and high power endurance.

Price of HUAWEI MateBook D14

Coupled with the HUAWEI Matebook D14 price offered at IDR 11,499,000 as well as existing promotional programs, this laptop is claimed to be the best choice for your daily use. At present HUAWEI Matebook D14 is available at Huawei Official Store which has JD.ID as an exclusive online channel from Huawe

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