#kamisukareview – ASUS announces Rate Your Gear, a global campaign that invites the owners of the latest ASUS Z490 motherboard and several products. They are users to write a review of the latest ASUS Z490 motherboard and several graphics card models, monitors, routers and peripherals for a chance to win prizes.

Every participant who sends qualified reviews on a predetermined platform, has the opportunity to get special prizes – Among them are the ROG ASUS Strix GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER Advanced edition graphics card, the ROG Swift XG43VQ gaming monitor and the ASUS ZenScreen MB16AC portable USB monitor.

While supplies last, other prizes are offered including ROG Messenger Bags, ROG Building Block, ROG Luggage Belts, Gamesplanet vouchers, and cashback.

ASUS Rate Your Gear

ASUS claims that they are growing on the input of users and are eager to take advantage of this tangible experience to help shape and improve our products. ASUS also hopes that the insights offered by users of ASUS products will help guide other consumers in their own assessment processes and purchasing decisions.

That's why they created the ASUS Rate Your Gear campaign. This event takes place from May 20, 2020 to August 31, 2020 openly for participants from all over the world. To participate and potentially win a prize, participants must write an original review of a particular ASUS product and post it on one or several eligible platforms.

There are many platforms that qualify, including social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as other online forums and platforms – such as online retailers. Serial numbers for eligible products can only be used once, for one review on a single platform that qualifies.

Eligible products include the new ASUS Z490 motherboard range, plus various graphics cards, monitors, routers, and ASUS and ASUS ROG peripherals. Campaign details, including a complete list of products and platforms that qualify, can be found on the special ASUS Rate Your Gear microsite.

Campaign details, including a complete list of products and platforms that qualify, can be found on the special ASUS Rate Your Gear microsite – at https://id.rog.gg/rateyourgear

Review on ASUS Z490 Motherboard

The launch of ASUS Rate Your Gear coincides with the availability of the latest ASUS Z490 motherboard. This latest model is one of the models that is eligible for review during the campaign.

Designed to support the latest 10th Intel Core Gen processor, the next generation ASUS motherboards pack a lot of advanced AI technology, including AI Overclocking and AI Cooling, plus AI Networking with ROG GameFirst VI technology.

ASUS AI Overclocking uses a patented algorithm to predict the optimal clock speed and optimal voltage regulation for the motherboard, helping users push their CPUs to the highest limit with the click of a button.

ASUS AI Cooling automatically manages and controls the fan connected to the motherboard to ensure optimal settings based on system load and current temperature. Last but not least, AI Networking with GameFirst VI uses AI technology to optimize network settings for smooth online gameplay.

Especially new to the ASUS Z490 generation, GameFirst VI features AI-enhanced identification and improved technology to ensure faster and smarter network optimization.

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