This is Promo 3 Indonesia for Saving Customer Spending

#kamisukareview – In order for customers to be thrifty despite the increasing needs, the following promo 3 Indonesia is present in a variety of product choices and additional benefits ranging from vouchers, credit cashback to THR tens of millions.

Since the call for physical restrictions was implemented in mid-March, 3 Indonesia has noted that more and more users are increasingly accessing the internet. This can be seen from Indonesia's data traffic 3 which jumped by 22% since mid-March.

In more detail, the activities of 3 Indonesian users to access social media increased by 7%, online games 33%, video streaming 13%, e-commerce sites and applications 77%, e-learning applications 60%. Access to teleconferencing services has even increased up to 40 times.

Increased activity that relies on internet access during activities from home makes the need for internet quota increase. This causes people to have to dig deeper into their pockets to meet their internet needs.

Six Promo 3 Indonesia For Customers

3 indonesian free data packages

“In order to keep customers economical even though needs are increasing, 3 Indonesia has provided a variety of product promo options and additional benefits ranging from vouchers, credit cashback to THR tens of millions,” said Dolly Susanto, Chief Commercial Officer 3 of Indonesia.

“We are aware of this situation changing user quota allocations. Maybe there could have been a lot for video calls with family now instead it used up a lot for teleconferences to do assignments. So that the digital lifestyle experience with 3 Indonesia remains optimal, promos and additional cashback from 3 can be a solution. “

Some of the latest benefits and benefits that 3 users can enjoy are:

  1. Profit to Use Prime and AlwaysOn Unlimited Package

3 Indonesia offers a variety of products with benefits that can be enjoyed optimally by users to move from home. 3 presents a AlwaysOn starter card that gives free access to Edmodo e-learning application for a full month to help the learning process from home. This AlwaysOn starter card can be enjoyed with prices starting from IDR 6,000 for a 1GB quota.

In addition, there is also the AlwaysOn and Unlimited internet package that gives unlimited access to all applications at 01:00 to 17:00, outside of the main quota. This benefit is very suitable to get around the use of the internet during work hours due to streaming video e-learning applications or video-conferencing.

“We have taken steps to help ensure the availability of these products on the market. We hope, with the AlwaysOn product range, 3 can help the community to stay connected and productive as long as we are all #DiRumahAja, “added Dolly.

  1. Cashback and Additional Quota for Each Refill

3 Indonesia works with a number of partners to be able to provide a variety of cashback and additional quota every time customer 3 reloads.

Top up starting from Rp50 thousand, customer 3 will get free access to VIU premium for 7 days. The topping up of pulses can be from any of its channels either from outlets or e-commerce and mobile banking / ATMs.

In addition, 3 Indonesian customers who top up at a number of official partners 3 will get various bonuses according to the benefits offered by each partner. For example, by topping up from Rp.50,000 at Shopee, Tokopedia, Gojek, DANA, Bukalapak, Akulaku, GrabKios, Blibli, Lazada, or LinkAja 3 customers will immediately get 100% double credit that is valid for three days.

Customers 3 who top up from Rp100 thousand via BNI, Mandiri Bank and BRI mobile banking will also get an additional 10GB quota valid from 1am to 12 noon for three days. For more complete information about the benefits that can be enjoyed by customers from each partner 3 can be found at

Cashback promos also apply to customers who activate the KeepOn package. By purchasing the KeepOn + KlikFilm 5GB package for Rp29 thousand, customers will have the opportunity to get a cashback credit of Rp100 thousand. In addition, for every activation of the 8.5GB KeepOn + VIU package for Rp. 60 thousand, customers will also have the opportunity to get a cashback credit of Rp. 50,000 for 10 winners every week and Samsung A80, the program period until May 31, 2020.

  1. More Profit through Bima + Application

Bima + is a digital assistant and entertainment center and product information for user 3. In this service user 3 can buy superior products 3, and also HotSale products. HotSale is a favorite internet package for 3 users that offers regular internet bundling and quota that can be obtained at special prices. The variety of quota variants offered allows users to choose the package that is most appropriate for their individual needs. A variety of HotSale programs are available in Milky + for those looking for economical packages.

In addition, 3 also provides an additional quota of 6GB for customers 3 for the first time downloading the Bima + application. Come download now on the AppStore and Google Playstore!

  1. THR Tens of Million Rupiah of 3

To inspire users 3 to stay in touch and exceed physical distance limits during this Ramadan, 3 held a Virtual Bukber competition #KbeatJarak.

Through this competition, 3 invites users to submit videos with a maximum duration of 90 seconds which shows the excitement and cohesiveness of participants when breaking fast together through a video-conference application.

The 2 best participants will get prizes of Rp. 20 million which will be announced through the official Instagram account 3 at @triindonesia. More information about this competition can be found at

  1. Discount Voucher from BonsTri Points

To help customers meet all 3 needs during Ramadan through Hari Raya, 3 Indonesia offers dozens of attractive shopping voucher options at merchant partner 3 which can be exchanged using BonsTri points.

Some shopping vouchers that customers can get 3 are 30% cashback vouchers from the ShopBack app, up to 30% discount vouchers from Lazada, 25% fashion discount vouchers from Zalora, cashback vouchers from Shopee up to 40%.

Not only shopping, BonsTri points can also be exchanged for discounts on film streaming services and e-learning platforms, hotel and travel discounts and a variety of other 3 products. A complete list of benefits that can be obtained through BonsTri points redemption can be seen at

  1. Get extra money through BFF

To support entrepreneurship, 3 Indonesia has a BFF (Bima Friends Forever) program that invites all customers to get additional income during #DiRumahAja by sending pulses (KiKiPu) and sending data (KiKiDa) to friends or family with a profit of up to 38% .

It's easy, just from a mobile phone, customers can start doing KiKipu and KiKida via the bima + application, or with * 323 # access. Many package options and nominal top up can be shared starting from Rp1,000. More information about BFF can be checked in

“Through all of these benefits and benefits, as well as the support of our 4.5G Pro network which has now reached 200 million populations in more than 33,000 villages across Indonesia, we truly hope to be a solution for our users in meeting their digital lifestyle needs at home for This pandemic is ongoing, “closed Dolly.

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