Tips for Making Creative Videos and Photos by Dian Sastro

#kamisukareview – Dian Sastrowardoyo, an art worker who is also part of #TeamGalaxy, shares tips on making creative videos and photos like those on her personal Instagram account (@therealdisastr). And more interesting, the process of taking pictures in this video entirely using his Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Dian maximizes the ability to record HDR video to provide composition brightness andcontrast Perfect. As well as utilizing the Super Steady 2.0 feature to get stable video results and minimal shocks and more dramatic results.

Dian Sastro photo and video tips

“During Ramadhan #DiRumahAja, we have more time to be creative. And with social media it is easy for us to share stories and content for each other support and re-establish our hospitality ties. I am sure that we can #GetThroughThisTogether, “said Dian Sastrowardoyo, #TeamGalaxy.

Tips for Making Creative Photos and Videos a la Dian Sastro

On online workshop#GetThroughThisTogether # WithGalaxyS20, Dian shares tips on making videos and creative photos, to capture moments at home so that users and the public can share positive content together in this Ramadhan month, and stay creative during quarantine. Here are tips from Dian Sastrowardoyo:

Maximizing Smartphone Capabilities

One of the most important aspects of capturing a moment is maximizing what's near you. And our smartphones are ready to capture the moment at any time easily.

Maximize every feature available to create optimal photos and videos in your own style. Dian is very familiar with the capabilities of her Galaxy S20 Ultra and then maximizes her camera capabilities as well as possible.

Take a Picture with a Unique Angle

We can try to take photos in natural lighting conditions by maximizing sunlight or in lower lighting conditions for more dramatic results.

In this self-quarantine period, we can better recognize spots at home and explore unique angles. And after we find a suitable spot, capture it with a unique photo shape and don't be afraid to play with light.

Dian underlined, she was able to get bright and non-grainy photos on various occasions thanks to the Miss-Binning feature on the 108MP Galaxy S20 Ultra camera.

Capture Videos Immediately in Interesting Moments

In the Next Level Content era, not only photos can talk, videos can also be used as a means to tell further and more interesting stories. Express your story in the most unique video format possible. With the Galaxy S20 Ultra, Dian utilizes the Super Steady 2.0 feature which can withstand shocks of up to 60 degrees to make videos smoother.

Because Dian often takes videos while on the move, the Super Steady 2.0 feature makes it easy for Dian to take videos while walking or when running around with children.

In addition, Dian also maximizes the ability of the Galaxy S20 Ultra to record in 8K resolution to capture beautiful moments in more detail with cinematic quality, for example when taking videos of raindrops, or leaves moving in the wind

Take as many photos and videos as possible

Don't be afraid to capture every moment as much as possible. Of the various features offered by the Galaxy S20 series, the Single Take feature is one of Dian's favorite features. The Single Take feature helps Dian not to miss a moment and can produce more photos and videos in one shot.

With this feature, Dian makes it easy to determine whether to use photo, video, or change camera settings. When activated, Single Take will take 14 seconds of footage and can instantly produce up to 10 photos and 4 videos.

The resulting photo will be given a variety of effects such as; filter, Live Focus, or Smart Crop. As for video, the Single Take feature will provide effects such as Fast-Forward, Reverse, or Boomerang.

“Thanks to the technology and innovative camera features, the Galaxy S20 series has really helped me to create positive content and aims to encourage me in this difficult time.

“In addition, the latest camera technology brought by the Galaxy S20 series really empowered me during this work from home (WFH).

“Jobs such as shooting and photo sessions that previously had to involve many crew and equipment, can I do it myself or collaborate using the Galaxy S20 series.

“Galaxy S20 series has changed the way we capture the moments and enhance our experience to tell better stories,” concluded Dian.

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