Mudik Virtual 2020, XL Provides Data Packages to Credit Seller Partners

#kamisukareview – The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia, encouraging XL Axiata held a Virtual Homecoming 2020. Facilitating the hospitality needs of the credit seller partners who are in the Greater Jakarta area with their families in their hometown.

By organizing the Virtual Mudik 2020, XL Axiata provides more than 1400 data packages containing the 5GB + 5GB XTRA Combo package, 30 days and Unlimited Turbo. The program participants can use the data package to interact with their families and colleagues in the village virtually.

XL Axiata Commerce Director David Arcelus Oses said, “Following the government's call not to go home this year, we are adjusting the implementation of going together together in a virtual way.

“So that the annual program which is a form of our appreciation for retailers who have been helping us in the sale of XL Axiata services can continue to run.

“Because it is still in the pandemic situation of the Covid-19 outbreak, we have facilitated it by providing a special data package to help fellow retailers to connect and release homesickness with their families and relatives in the village even though this year they cannot return to the village first.”

David added, this virtual homecoming program XL Axiata hopes to be able to support and help the government to urge residents to not go home, so as to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak in Indonesia.

In the previous years prior to Lebaran, through the Homecoming Together program, XL Axiata routinely facilitates XL Axiata pulse and product sales partners in the Jabodetabek area to return home.

Last year, this program was attended by 1300 participants by deploying 25 units of large buses, 10 units of Innova, and 10 units of Alphard cars.

Various adjustments have been made by XL Axiata in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic that occurred in Indonesia, which has prevented the routine of returning to the community's village before Lebaran. The adjustment is related to network readiness.

Strengthening the network is carried out in areas around residential areas, so that during Lebaran the community can continue smoothly to communicate with their families back home.

Network capacity also continues to be increased to anticipate the needs of the public and customers using larger data services, such as video calls to stay in touch, also to download or send video content.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 in Indonesia, XL Axiata has implemented social programs. This includes launching a free 2GB / day data access program to access work and learning support applications from home, government health websites, e-learning, university online channels to help customers stay productive.

In addition, donations have been made in the form of cash or non-cash such as personal protective equipment (PPE), free communication services for Covid-19 mitigation officers, as well as strengthening networks in the area around the Covid-19 referral hospital.

The total value of assistance provided both in cash and non-cash is more than Rp. 100 billion for all Covid-19 prevention programs, including providing free data access.

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