Record, the realm of Selling a Million AIoT Audio Devices

#kamisukareview – broke the record sales of 1 million units of AIoT audio devices in the form of the Buds Wireless realm and the Buds Air realm globally. This achievement proves that real-world smart devices are well received throughout the world.

realme is looking for young, creative and talented user interface (UI) developers from Indonesia by holding 100 Pioneer Challenge with the grand prize of the X50 Pro realm.

Jakarta, May 20, 2020 – realm, his favorite smartphone brand Young People have not only succeeded in creating smartphones by presenting Trendsetting Design & Trendsetting Technology that has been wholeheartedly accepted by young people in the world. Expanding its business by creating its own AIoT ecosystem, smart devices from realm are also warmly welcomed by young users. Today Realm announced the record sales of their AIoT devices where 1 million units of the Buds Air realm and the Buds Wireless realm have been sold worldwide. The two products have also gained a great reputation from the media and global fans.

This sweet achievement certainly cannot be separated from the efforts of realism to become Popularizer of Tech Trendsetter Life by providing the best smartphones and smart AIoT devices in each segment. Realme even works with masters in various sectors such as Naoto Fukasawa, the world's top industrial design master, and Alan Walker, Global TOP 100 DJ, to create products that are perfect in terms of design and performance.

“We are very proud of this achievement and thank the realm users who have supported us in providing Tech Trendsetter products that are loved by young people. Breaking the sales record of 1 million units for our two AIoT products proves that Realme is the fastest-growing AIoT brand and makes us more excited to bring more AIoT products to Indonesia. We will also release more AIoT products this year in order to present an intelligent AIoT experience in all usage scenarios, “said Palson Yi – Marketing Director, Indonesian realm.

1 + 1 realm strategy: Smartphone + AIoT to Become the World's Fastest Growing AIoT Brand

realm continues to strive to deliver products that exceed expectations and quickly become the “World's Fastest Developing AIoT Brand.” Strategy 1 + 1: Smartphone + AIoT is a commitment to realism to bring Smart & Stylish Lifestyle to young people with premium hardware and software experience that focuses on AIoT. Realme also plans to launch more Tech Trendsetter products in 2020 to accelerate building the 3-in-1 Tech Trendsetting Life ecosystem in the 'Personal, Home & Travel' sector for young people.

Realme has become one of the world's leading smartphone brands in the two years since it was founded. By 2020, reality will establish itself as the 'Popularizer of Tech Trendsetter Life' and make more users enjoy the benefits brought by 5G and smart technology. realm will also bring more premium smart AIoT products that are suitable for the daily use of young people, so they can enjoy the benefits of smart technology brought by reality. To guess what the next AIoT device from the reality will be launched in Indonesia, stay tuned in the official social media account of Indonesian realm.

realm Holds 100 Pioneer Challenge to Find Talented and Creative Young User Interface (UI) Developers and Seize Opportunities to Get Real X50 Pro

In an effort to become a Popularizer of Tech Trendsetter Life, Realm held 100 Pioneer Challenges to improve the experience of using smartphone realms for young people. Created and used by young people, realm empowers young people to enhance the UI realm by offering them suggestions and features, setting new smartphone trends based on user feedback. The program aims to find young and talented users by choosing 100 pioneers who are committed to making UI realities more stylish, functional and trendy.

The product & operating system (OS) realm development team will recruit 300 realm users who have the X2 Pro realm in the realm of India, Indonesia and Europe. Each country will present their needs and ideas to improve UI realism so that it can be used optimally. Of the 300 recruitments, the team of developers of the OS realm product will choose 100 people as pioneers to compete in the top 10. The top 10 features produced by the top 10 pioneers will be chosen through Community Realm and get the X50 Pro realm as the grand prize. The team and developers of the OS Realme product will commit to implementing all input features from the Pioneer to the UI realm.

For more information on the 100 Pioneer Challenge and how to participate in this program, please click here.

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