Tips on How to Download WhatsApp Photos and Video Stories Easiest

how to download the status wa
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Currently the story feature on social media applications such as WhatsApp has enlivened the use of its features. It can even broadcast live things that are being experienced by its users. No wonder so many people search tips how to download WhatsApp photos and video stories.

Tips on How to Download WhatsApp Photos and Video Stories

There are times when someone when using WhatsApp sees something unique, interesting and informative in the story section. But unfortunately the media does not belong to the user but other people when posting it. So what if you want to have it?

1. Ask Directly from Concerned

How to download WhatsApp status below requires an advance approach from the party who posted the story. Users can simply chat with the speaker to deign to provide or send media photos and videos.

If the file needs to be downloaded first, WhatsApp automatically downloads the sent file. How to download WA status is the easiest step and includes courage because it requires permission from the interlocutor to provide the file, if this is impossible do not give up there are still two next ways.

2. How to Download Through File Manager

The following tips are WhatsApp that can download status, but first the user must open someone's story to take the media. WA will automatically embed the file in a hidden folder in the application system directory.

After determining which media you want to extract from other users' WA stories, the following steps do not require the application to get them:

how to download wa status
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  • After determining the media target of the WhatsApp story, the next step is to exit the application first.
  • The user then switches to Saya My Files ’with a folder icon.
  • Go to the 'Settings' menu usually at the bottom.
  • On the 'Settings' menu the user can enable the 'show hidden files' option so that all files or directories can be seen clearly. Usually the file name begins with a period.
  • Next exit the 'Settings' menu and search for the WhatsApp folder. The files inside contain videos, photos, documents, music and voice notes downloaded from a group or private chat.
  • Then the user can access the 'Media' folder.
  • After that, enter the 'Statuses.' Directory again in that folder, users can find photos and videos from WhatsApp stories.
  • which in essence you can direct access to /storage/emulated/0/WhatsApp/Media/.Statuses
  • Search for the desired video or photo media before.
  • The next step is to copy the media to the desired directory.
  • Move the photo or video file to the destination folder so that it appears in the gallery.
  • The WhatsApp story file is stored in the user's internal storage.

3. How to Download WA Story by Using the Application

Unlike the two ways to download WA stories before, users can use special applications to get someone else's story file. The steps that can be done are as follows:

how to download the status wa
Photo: Install Process and Install Third-Party Applications
  • Open the Google PlayStore application then look for the 'Status Downloader for WhatsApp' application.
  • Download and install the application until it's complete.
  • After installation is complete, then open the application and then allow the software to access the media directory on the user's smartphone.
  • After these steps are taken, the application automatically takes the user to autostart settings so that the software runs actively in the background.
  • Users can directly use the features of the application so they can choose and download other user stories.
  • After selecting the desired image or video, users can simply download it by tapping the purple download icon in the lower left corner.
  • Media story WA is already in the user's Gallery.

Hope you remember, all the ways through the application apply if you have already seen the status of your friends, if not then it will not be saved, use a third-party application is the easiest option for you who do not want to bother with searching through the file manager.

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