#kamisukareview – Galaxy M31 is the first M series smartphone that Samsung introduced when entering 2020. There are several improvements and advantages Samsung The Galaxy M31 stands out compared to its predecessor Galaxy M30 series. Make this device a series that is quite recommended.

Of the various advantages of the Samsung Galaxy M31, there are several sectors that deserve the spotlight as the best aspects. The reason is, of course, because the quality and value offered is not just sweet in the mouth.

The advantages of Samsung Galaxy M31

Recently the review1st team had the opportunity to conduct a review of the Galaxy M31 and found a number of interesting findings which we will summarize in the following text:

1. 6,000 mAh Battery Capacity

Since the early appearance of the M series, battery components have been a feature favored by Samsung in this series, even this time the smartphone manufacturer from South Korea is also cramming a battery capacity of 6,000 mAh. Yup, this is a large battery capacity for smartphones of its class on the market today.

With a battery of this size, users can operate it all day without having to worry about the battery will quickly run out so that users will be able to connect continuously whether it's for chatting or browsing.

Even for you who are being crushed by a crush, you can keep on calling to him all the time without worrying from the meal until breaking the following day, you can, because the Galaxy M31 has talking time of up to 48 hours.

With a battery capacity of this size, the Galaxy M31 can be used to entertain you all day whether it's for listening to music, playing videos or watching your favorite streaming content. To play music, the device can last up to 119 hours, whereas if it is used to play videos, it can last for 26 hours of use.

Not to forget for those of you who like to play games, because of its large battery will make you more focused when competing against your rivals in the game arena to achieve maximum score without having to be bothered with charging the battery in the midst of your fun playing.

If your battery is low, don't be afraid you will miss the war with your next team, because the Galaxy M31 is also supported by the Fast Charging 15 W feature that will charge your batteries within 3 hours to fully recover.

2. Super AMOLED 6.4 Inch Screen

Samsung Galaxy M31 Battery

In addition to the large battery, the advantages of the Samsung Galaxy M31 that attracts attention is the screen sector. How not, with a size of 6.4 inches, this smartphone has adopted a Super AMOLED module that presents a clear display so that our eyes do not get tired quickly when looking at it for long.

The display screen looks so wide thanks to the Infinity-U display design to place the front camera, while making it look sleek. And the fact is, this smartphone does have a relatively light weight with a design that remains slim even though it has a large battery capacity which usually impacts on the thickness of the body to be more large.

Not only that, the Always On Display feature has also been present to increase the productivity of its users. As additional information, this feature makes it possible for a screen to not completely 'fall asleep' when not in use. The screen stays on without backlight so that it can display various information such as time, date including displaying all incoming notifications.

3. Quad Camera 64MP

Slowly the camera features on smartphones have shifted the existence of conventional cameras. Although that doesn't really happen entirely, many consumers today are making the ability of the camera on a smartphone a decision when they are going to buy a smartphone.

Galaxy M31 has come with four main cameras (Quad Cameras) placed on the back of its body with a layout of three lenses made vertically, while the other one is made separate and parallel to the LED Flash.

The configuration of the Quad Camera feature is a 64 MP f / 1.8 main camera, an 8 MP f / 2.2 ultrawide lens, a 5 MP f / 2.4 macro lens, and a 5 MP f / 2.2 bokeh lens. While the front camera has a resolution of 32 MP with f / 2.0 diaphragm.

When our team tried the camera, the results were also very satisfying, the resulting color composition was also not too excessive and could even be said to be very perfect. The ultrawide camera is able to capture object space as wide as 123 degrees, with certain angles we can even create more dramatic photos when using this ultrawide camera.

As for the 5 MP secondary camera and 5 MP macro will be very useful when we activate the Live Focus feature that combines the main and secondary cameras to be able to produce bokeh photos without complicated with blur levels that we can set both before and after the photo was taken.

For us, the Samsung Galaxy M31 becomes a smartphone that is quite qualified in its class. With its large battery capacity, attractive screen design, and impressive camera features, this makes it more than enough as our daily driver.

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