Sensor Leakage Camera Honor Play 4 and Pro Released June 3

Weibo / 韦 骁 龙 Raul
Photo: Honor Play 4 From Weibo / 韦 骁 龙 Raul

The latest leak about smartphone Honor Play 4 will present an IR sensor that can measure human body temperature, the unique IR sensor on a cellphone Honor Play 4 allows to measure the temperature of heat around the cell phone, which of course this feature helps in the middle of the Covid-19 virus pandemic container, to measure a person's condition whether sick or not.

Some leaks from the Honor Play series, reported from, have confirmed that the smartphone will be presented later, has four rear cameras and a unique IR sensor and has a Kirin 990 5G SoC chipset, the IR sensor on a smartphone is a bit of a stretch. this whereas in terms of efficiency can help smartphone users.

Let's wait for the details of the Honor Play 4 IR Sensor which will be inaugurated on June 3, while for Honor Play 4 Pro the rumor will come with a sensor similar to the new iPad sensor, LiDAR with a 40 Megapixel main camera and AI features.

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source: Weibo | via: Gsmarena

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