The time of the official release of Xiaomi MI Band 5 is June 11

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The latest news about Xiaomi MI Band 5, officially from a company that has been announced through the weibo site, was reported by Xiaomi MI Band 5 will be released on June 11 via online streaming, a few leaks that we have previously revealed that the screen portion of the Xiaomi MI Band 5 will have a larger size some say of 0.95 inches or it could be 1.2 inches.

Xiaomi MI Band 5 Design (Rumor)

Some time before the site, had shared leaked both the display design of Xiaomi MI Band 5, also the theme of the screen display and also some sport modes that will be owned by the device, the battery is also reportedly going to be bigger than the previous series.

Mi Band 5
Photo: Mi Band 5 From Weibo / C 科技

Xiaomi MI Band 5 (Rumor) Features

Leaked features from Xiaomi MI Band 5, in addition to new sport modes such as athletics, yoga, gym, and other features are also equipped with blood oxygen level monitoring, NFC support, Amazon's Alexa assistant and Xiaomi Mi band 5 also support taking photos through smartphones.


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