This is an Interesting Feature in ColorOS 7, No. 7 Worth Trying!

#kamisukareview – OPPO have ColorOS 7 which is their newest interface. And it turns out, some of the features of ColorOS 7 or the latest interface are suitable for utilizing the time when you are #dirumahaja being productive and more fun.

Pandemic corona virus disease 2019 (COVID-19) makes most people have to adapt, especially to the way of life and work, especially since the government extended the Large-Scale Social Limitation (PSBB) regulation, the community must move and stay safe #BetterAtHome.

In this situation, smartphone become an important part for various groups of people to stay connected with each other. Not only meeting communication needs, smartphoneplay an important role to support work and entertainment while at home.

To maximize productivity smartphone, especially for OPPO users, can take advantage of some of the features and applications available through the ColorOS 7 system that are easy to use in situations like this.

Here are some tips on the ColorOS 7 system, which are useful for helping OPPO users to make the most of their time when #dirumahaja is productive and more fun:

1. Focus Mode

One of the biggest challenges when studying or working from home is concentration. This feature on ColorOS 7 can allow users to manage their time and be free from distractions on their mobile phones, helping to concentrate and focus on the things they are doing so they can complete more other activities.

2. Digital Wellbeing Application

While at home, most people forget the time when using a cell phone. This application will help users to monitor daily mobile usage and be a reminder to put down the cell phone when usage is more than a predetermined time.

3. OPPO Browser and Wallpaper

To keep yourself and your family safe, users can get the latest information about COVID-19 real-timethrough this feature. With so much credible information available on one page, users can avoid false news information (Hoax).

4. Split Screen

The Split Screen feature allows consumers to play the game while doing it chat. This feature is useful to ease the activity and can multitasking especially like he was doing chat and watching YouTube at the same time.

5. OPPO Relax App

This application offers convenience for users with ambient sounds (ambient) Soothing. With this application users can more easily relax, or practice meditation, yoga, and others

6. Game Assistant

This feature in ColorOS can help speed up the speed of the game, and also presents smart and convenient features such as replying to messages, capturing screen views (screen capture), record a game (screen recording), and blocking notifications during game play.

7. Soloop

Vlogging or video blogging being a new trend while at home, users can share things like their newly discovered hobbies or follow the trend of challenges on social media. The default video editor for ColorOS makes it easy for OPPO users to create captivating videos in just a few seconds in a simple way.

All of the above features can be enjoyed through OPPO devices that have received official ColorOS 7 updates such as the Find X, Reno, Reno 10x Zoom, Reno2 series and ColorOS 7 installed devices such as the latest OPPO devices: A52, A92, Reno3, Reno 3 Pro, Find X2, and Find X2 Pro.

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