Do You Have to Have an iPhone SE 2020? The following advantages and disadvantages

Some time ago, Apple has just released its newest smartphone, the iPhone SE 2020. After the release of the iPhone 11 family, whose price is still above 10 million, Apple made a product targeting the middle class. As we know, in 2016, iPhone SE was released as an alternative to the iPhone 6s which became the flagship class smartphone of its time. The first iPhone SE has a small size of 4 inches, but in this latest series, the size of the iPhone SE 2020 is bigger than its predecessor. In appearance, the iPhone SE 2020 resembles the iPhone 8. However, performance should not be underestimated, this Apple smartphone product uses Apple's latest chipset, the A13 Bionic. Want to know more details? Now follow the article to the end.

iPhone SE 2020

In Indonesia alone, the iPhone SE 2020 has not been officially sold. To get it, you can buy it through a reseller. Of course the reseller price is higher than the official price. The official price of this iPhone series reaches $ 399. When converted to Rupiah, the price of this one smartphone reaches around Rp. 6 million. However, unfortunately the price is not the total price along with shipping and excise. The official price of the iPhone SE 2020 can reach Rp. 10 million, estimated. For us the price is quite high when looking at the features presented. Even so it does not mean this smartphone is not worth buying. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the SE 2020 series.

Advantages of the Latest iPhone SE 2020

1. Advantages of iPhone SE 2020: Already Using A13 Bionic Chip

iPhone SE 2020 this time uses a chip embedded in the iPhone 11. The performance presented by this latest chip is certainly very fast. Especially for those of you who like to play 3D games on smartphones. This chipset is suspected to be the fastest chip on the market and also saves more battery life. Therefore, you can get a faster performance than the iPhone X in a smartphone that is not as expensive as the series.

iPhone SE 2020

2. Advantages of iPhone SE 2020: Support iOS 13

iOS 13 is the latest operating system released by Apple. This OS presents new features such as Dark Mode, Siri Shortcuts, and many others. In addition, this smartphone can support the iOS operating system 5 years into the future so you don't need to buy a new smartphone again when the new iOS has come out.

iPhone SE 2020

3. The advantages of the iPhone SE 2020: a camera that is accompanied by a portrait mode

Although in terms of the camera is not as much as the iPhone 11 or even the iPhone 8, this one smartphone presents an interesting feature namely Potrait Mode which is able to produce photos with a blur background. Some of the features provided by this one smartphone are Depth Control and Portrait Lightning with 6 types of lighting. Smart HDR also exists on the camera embedded in the iPhone SE 2020. For video recording, the SE 2020 can already record 4K resolution video with 60 fps. Cool, right?

Lack of the Latest iPhone SE 2020

1. Small Capacity Battery

Although the A13 Bionic chip has a lower power consumption, it does not mean that its durability will be longer if used for hours. Unless the battery has a large enough capacity. However, the SE 2020 has a battery that only has a capacity of 1,821 mAh. When used to play games like PUBG or other heavy games of course the durability will not be long.

2. Fast Charging Adapters that Need to Buy Again

In its website, the iPhone SE 2 already supports wireless charging technology and also 18W fast charging which is able to charge 50% of the battery in just half an hour. However, you will not get it for free. You should buy these adapters separately at a price that is not cheap, which is around Rp. 500-600 thousand at Apple's official store.


This smartphone offers an attractive alternative, especially for Apple fanboys. However, one thing to note is that there are some features that we think are still a bit bearable, especially in terms of batteries and also technology such as fast charging. However, for those of you who want to feel the performance of the iPhone 11 in the body of the iPhone 8 that comes with Touch ID, you can buy it. For the price, the latest iPhone SE series is priced at around $ 350 to $ 500 which, when converted to Rupiah, is around 4 million to 6 million. However, when it arrives in Indonesia, an imported product must be added with excise, taxes and others that make this smartphone priced at around 10 million. Well, all you have to do is determine whether it's still feasible or not to buy this one Apple smartphone.

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