HUAWEI P40 and P40 Pro + Indonesian Version Ready to Launch!

#kamisukareview – Not long HUAWEI P40 and P40 Pro + will be coming soon and can be owned by Indonesian consumers. HP with the latest design, the latest technological breakthroughs, and high performance with the best capabilities following the P40 Pro that arrived last April.

The Indonesian flagship smartphone version receives various positive responses from consumers and further strengthens its position as a smartphone series with the best camera technology that revolutionizes mobile photography.

Huawei P40 Series Variants Become Complete

Huawei P40 Indonesia

Huawei P40 Series will be more complete and can soon be owned by Indonesian consumers. For those who follow the development of innovation on the latest flagship products from Huawei, it must be familiar that HUAWEI P40 Pro +, HUAWEI P40 Pro, and HUAWEI P40.

All products are claimed to have the latest design, high performance with 5G capabilities and the best camera breakthroughs. Huawei continues to be committed to creating the latest technological breakthroughs to complement the daily lives of users by presenting smart products that are mutually integrated.

The Huawei P series smartphone products that come in Indonesia are equipped with EMUI 10.1 which can perfect the ecosystem strategy for all “1 + 8 + N” scenarios by enabling devices to exceed hardware limits and realize collaboration between actual technological devices.

Completing the HUAWEI P40 Pro, which was previously available for the Indonesian market, the HUAWEI P40 and HUAWEI P40 Pro + have specifications that are no less competitive than other smartphones.

Each of the HUAWEI P40 series is equipped with a Kirin990 5G SOC Chipset that supports maximum device performance and the Largest Ultra Vision Sensor for 24Hr All Day Super Definition Photography.

Screen Dimensions Become Distinguishing

What distinguishes the HUAWEI P40 Pro + is the dimensions of the main screen display with the type of OLED width of 6.58 inches, while the HUAWEI P40 is smaller with a size of 6.1 inches which also adjusts to the overall dimensions of this phone.

Lo Khing Seng, Deputy Country Head of Huawei Consumer Business Groups explained, “We have received good news and various positive perceptions for the Huawei P40 Pro which has been present in Indonesia.

Therefore we are increasingly excited to introduce the Huawei P40 and P40 Pro + in the Indonesian market that can complement various other Huawei ecosystem devices that are already available such as smartwatches, tablets, PCs and the latest devices such as HUAWEI Eyewear. “

The Huawei P Series is dedicated to content creators who value design and photography quality. Collaborating with Leica, the Huawei P Series presents sophisticated camera specifications that are difficult to compete with competing brands with very impressive shots.

Huawei P40 Pro has reached a new highest score of 128 points by the DxOMark camera testing company with a photo score of 140 and a video of 105 points also creating a new record in smartphone cameras. even his front camera selfie score topped 103 points.

Huawei P40 camera

In terms of photography, DxOMark said the P40 Pro provides a very wide dynamic range, a good level of detail at medium and long distances, and good detail in bokeh. DxOMark also praised the performance of autofocus and nighttime exposure, saying the best night shots were compared to other tested devices.

Not only that, the P40 Series from Huawei is also the first technology for many elements contained in it. As follows:

  • World’s 1st Four Curved Overflow Display
  • World’s 1st Largest Ultra Vision Sensor Main Camera
  • World’s 1st Super Sensing Periscope Telephoto Camera
  • World’s 1st Pro-level Cinematic Video Camera
  • World First AI Photo Producer (Golden Snap)
  • World’s Best Portrait Effect
  • World’s 1st AI 90Hz Display
  • World’s 1st 7nm EUV Process 5G Chipset
  • World Fastest Smartphone Wi-Fi 6+
  • World Fastest Wireless Supercharge
  • World’s Most Powerful Dual Frequency Positioning

At the inaugural launch of the global Huawei P40 series in March 2020, Huawei also announced its newest unique device in collaboration with the world-famous eyewear brand, Gentle Monster.

Through this collaboration, the GENTLE MONSTER X HUAWEI smart glasses will not only complement the user's fashion to be more trendy, but with technological innovation will also support a more contemporary lifestyle.

“In an effort to increase productivity and prioritize the best innovation with our service devices, the Huawei P40 and P40 Pro + will be coming soon in Indonesia with various prizes and attractive offers.” close Khing Seng.

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