#kamisukareview – This is a review Xiaomi Mi Note 10 vs Mi 10. This cellphone is the semi flagship of Xiaomi in Indonesia which is sold at 5 million. Incidentally we had the opportunity to hold this cellphone for in-depth review.

Well, before you start you should know that Xiaomi Indonesia has just launched the Mi 10. flagship. Yess, Xiaomi Mi 10 has just invaded Indonesia. But there is another side and intriguing questions to peel after this new cellphone comes to Indonesia. What is the fate of Xiaomi Mi Note 10?

And, our answer: His fate will be fine. No need to be anxious and restless because there are many crucial aspects and elements that actually make the Mi Note 10 stand out and be able to stand tall next to the Mi 10 without having to feel bullied.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 vs Mi 10, Choose Where?

Maybe those who are apathetic or pessimistic about the fate of the Mi Note 10 which is threatened after the arrival of Mi 10 have to think again. In fact, you may have to think otherwise, because Mi 10 could be a threat to his brother.

Price comparison

So what aspects can make the Mi Note 10 a serious competitor of the Mi 10 and steal the hearts of Mifans? Okay we start from the first part. Price! Indeed, this cellphone does not have a refresh rate of 90Hz or uses a flagship class chipset, but thanks to that, the price of this smartphone is very affordable with a difference of up to millions of rupiah.

The screen is not too big and not too small. It really does not use a refresh rate of 90Hz like Mi 10 but already has a Full HD + resolution, using a curved AMOLED curve and thin chin. On his forehead watedrop.

Spans the screen quite relieved, 6.47 inches injected with Full HD + resolution. His chin is relatively thin while waterdrop notch is embedded in the forehead. In the area above this bangs there are speakers and earpieces hiding. At the top of this is also embedded IR blaster.

AMOLED technology provides a guarantee of the quality of this HP display. The dark color is seen in and the contrast ratio is very good. Note 10 has also adopted HDR10 and is embedded with optical in-display fingerprint sensor.

Well, this fingerprint scanner can read quickly and accurately touch the finger that has been registered. The fingerprint reader area or optical sensor is also quite wide. And don't forget that the Mi Note 10 also has NFC.

Chipset Fighting

When talking about kitchen runway Mi 10 uses the Snapdragon 865 chipset. 865 is the best Snapdragon chipset for now, you know. While the Mi Note 10 only uses Snapdragon 730G chipset. It's a different class, but it's pretty good, for those who don't want the chipset too much, the offer still makes sense. Still okay at 5 million.

The Mi Note 10 uses 6GB of RAM which is quite helpful so the kitchen spur can work well. Plus Adreno 618 graphics processor, he can remain impressive in the face of heavy game onslaught like COD Mobile or PUBG Mobile.

Anyway, it is used to play high-graphics games with the “right-flat” setting, Mi Note 10 is still reliable. Especially for handling games like Mobile Legends and 'worms'. Maybe just blinking just once.
For those who like to save movies, videos and various files, 128GB of internal memory is still able to accommodate it.

It's just that, Xiaomi cut the microSD slot on this smartphone, so you won't be able to add external memory.

Oh yes, there are advantages about the simcard slot. It turns out that Mi 10 only uses a single sim card, while the Mi Note 10 uses dual sim cards. For those who use a lot of numbers, that's a bit of a problem too. So if this is important for you, you have to choose Mi Note 10.

In 3DMark testing, Mi Note 10 recorded scores of 2332 and 2208 in OpenGL and Vulkan. While tested using Geekbench, this Xiaomi mobile phone was able to score a single-core 488 and multi-core 1645.

Battery Capacity

The capacity of this HP battery turns out to be bigger than the Mi 10. The key feature that should not be underestimated is the battery. With a capacity of 5260mAh jumbo, this series is one of the top products with the support of monster resources.

On paper, the combination of a battery with a Snapdragon 730G processor that is immersed in this cell phone could be the best value of the Mi Note 10. In daily use with standard activities, the review unit of the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 is able to survive with screen on time in the range of 6-7 hour.

It includes internet, social media, playing games, opening emails, typing and more. Roughly it can last around a day and a half from zero until it repels.

There is a 30W charger in the sales package. At least this much battery capacity does not matter because it only takes about one hour less to charge the battery to 100% of empty.

Comparison of Mi Note 10 vs. Mi 10 Cameras

Speaking of the camera, the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 feels stand out and can even make Mi 10 users feel inferior in my opinion. Could be, thanks to this camera spec, many have decided to buy the Mi Note 10.

There are five cameras, while Mi 10 only has four. Use a 108MP main sensor and four supporting cameras. The Mi Note 10 has a 12 MP telephoto lens that isn't on the Mi 10. This is the reason why this cellphone can make Mi 10 lovers waver.

Photo performance in dark or low light conditions can still be good. And this cellphone can zoom up to 50x. If it's just gimmick marketing, in my opinion. But the picture quality for 50x zoom is okay. Not focused much noise and blur. It's more like crop.

Create a video record there is a feature to track moving objects and the camera can do real time video bokeh effects. Users can record video up to 4K / 30fps quality. Mi Note 10 also supports OIS video stabilization and macro and ultra wide angle video recordings. Also capable of recording 120fps, 240fps and 960fps slo-mo videos.


In conclusion, is the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 more worth it than the Mi 10 or not? There are several things that make this cell phone more attractive than the soda. First the price, you choose to buy a 6 million HP with Segangreng spec or choose a 10 million HP with advantages in terms of chipsets, displays and some elements that are not too visible.

Then when talking about the camera, the Mi Note 10 is actually more valuable than the Mi 10. Already use camera talent, you know, has advantages in the telephoto lens. Di, Mi 10, you won't find specs like this. Well, if you are a fan of mobile photography, you should choose this cellphone.

Then the battery, the Mi Note 10 turns out to have a bigger battery than the Mi 10. Indeed, we haven't tested it head to head, but it's clear if we only talk about milli-amperes, this cellphone is already a champion.

Other sectors don't really vary, except for the chipset. Now, the question now is, do you want to spend money to buy all the advantages of this cellphone? Or still insist on wanting to buy Mi 10 because the chipset is more okay?

No problem, as long as it suits your needs. For me anyway, choose the cheaper one, because for me the chipset on the Mi Note 10 isn't really bad.

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