Telkomsel Expands VoLTE Service Coverage to Bogor and Sidoarjo

#kamisukarview – After being present in the Jakarta, Depok, Bekasi, Tangerang and Surabaya regions, now Telkomsel's VoLTE service has also reached as far as Bogor and Sidoarjo. Telkomsel is also expanding collaboration with Xiaomi as a cellphone partner of VoLTE service providers, while strengthening previous collaborations with Samsung, Huawei, and Vivo.

At this soft launch stage, the service can be used on a limited basis by around 300,000 qualified customers (whitelist customers). This is part of the step towards implementing 5G in Indonesia, Telkomsel continues to move forward in maturing the telecommunications ecosystem while encouraging the adoption of a customer's digital lifestyle.

This commitment has now been realized by Telkomsel by expanding the availability of voice over LTE (VoLTE) services which include expanding the reach of regions and supporting mobile service partners. This effort is expected to help accelerate the adoption of broadband technology by all levels of Indonesian society.

Telkomsel President Director Setyanto Hantoro said, “As a leading digital telco company, Telkomsel strives to continue to be at the forefront in bringing the latest cellular technology innovations in Indonesia, one of which is implemented through this service.

“The presence of these services is expected to be able to strengthen the company's roadmap in presenting 5G network services in the country in the future, as well as to continue the consistency of Telkomsel in the application of leading network technology, starting from the era of 2G, 3G, and up to 4G today.”

For the VoLTE service coverage area, Telkomsel has now expanded service availability to the Bogor and Sidoarjo regions, having previously been successful with service operations in the Jadetabek and Surabaya areas since early May.

As for cellphone service providers, Telkomsel has also collaborated with Xiaomi as a partner of device manufacturers that provide an operating system that will support the VoLTE service excellence from Telkomsel. Xiaomi's presence follows other manufacturers' partners such as Samsung, Huawei, and Vivo who have already participated.

At this soft launch phase, Telkomsel's VoLTE service can be used limited by selected customers (whitelist customers) who meet several conditions, which are in the coverage area, have used cards that support Telkomsel's 4G network (uSIM), and use devices that already have service capabilities VoLTE.

Next, customers only need to activate the VoLTE feature through the device's settings menu, which will then be followed by the appearance of the “VoLTE” text on the status bar. Thus, at the soft launch stage it is estimated that there will be around 300,000 whitelist customers who can enjoy the benefits of the service.

Setyanto then also explained that the soft launch stage was also a moment to test the reliability of the service and the experience of customers in enjoying the service.

“Telkomsel will continue to expand the availability of VoLTE, be it the availability of services for more customers, to the coverage area and the type and number of devices that support, so that the service can later be enjoyed by all Telkomsel customers in various regions in Indonesia.

“Therefore, in this soft launch phase we will continue to monitor quality and monitor customer experience as input for the development of Telkomsel's VoLTE services going forward. This is one of Telkomsel's efforts to continue to prioritize the principle of customer-centricity in the development of our products and services, “said Setyanto.

In an effort to accelerate the adoption of services while providing added value to customers in using these services, Telkomsel will also present a promo VoLTE quota package that will be available in the near future.

In addition, customers can still enjoy the special Talkmania VoLTE package, with an additional VoLTE telephone minutes quota on the monthly Talkmania package. Customers who want to activate these packages can access the MyTelkomsel application. More information about VoLTE services can be accessed at

“Customers are always our priority in providing technological solutions that are able to support their daily lives. We hope that the customer-centric principle as a strong foundation to deliver services can provide convenience and added value for customers in communicating with voice features while remaining connected to the internet network comfortably.

“Telkomsel is optimistic that this service can support customers to remain productive and meet their various digital lifestyle needs, especially in the midst of adjustment to new normalcy as a result of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Hopefully, we are all given strength in going through this difficult time together, “concluded Setyanto.

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