This is Samsung's Offline and Online Services in the New Normal Era

#kamisukareview – Samsung Customer Service again provides Samsung's most complete offline and online service for consumers. This service is available both face to face and online 24 hours for the convenience of loyal customers in new normal times.

One interesting thing, medical personnel in 5 major cities in Indonesia will be given a 50% discount for smartphone repairs on June 19-23, 2020. Entering the new normal period, Samsung is already prepared so that Samsung consumers can carry out new routines that are more comfortable.

Samsung Indonesia Offline and Online Services

Offline and online services Samsung strives to provide maximum service for Indonesian consumers in a variety of situations. Samsung Smart Service is back now for consumers to come face to face and consult in more detail about Samsung products.

Supported by the support of smartphones and electronic devices in top condition. Samsung Electronics Indonesia continues to innovate. Not only in presenting leading-edge technology, but also providing comfort for consumers by continuing to bring the best customer service.

This service can be found in 40 cities in more than 152 locations of Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Super Store. Meanwhile, for more detailed handling and even improvement, consumers can visit the Samsung Service Center, which has been present in 96 cities in more than 157 locations in Indonesia.

With its commitment to provide one-hour service for smartphones and one-day service for electronics, so consumers can return to their activities without obstacles.

Moreover, Samsung also continues to present a 24-hour Contact Center and Remote Support for consumers throughout Indonesia who cannot visit service centers. And for users of the Samsung Members application, the service can also be accessed through the Get Help feature.

In this new normal period, consumers return to activities with all the procedures for mutual security. And Samsung wants to support the needs of consumers to stay comfortable with gadgets and electronic devices that help them in this new normal period.

In addition to continuing to run services in digital form, Samsung has re-activated Samsung's face-to-face service center with procedures tailored for consumer convenience.

And not only that, Samsung also wants to give privileges to medical workers who have served in this pandemic by providing convenience, namely a 50% discount for the cost of repairing smartphones for all medical personnel in Greater Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya and Makassar. The discount period will take place on June 19-23, 2020.

“Entering the new normal period, in the midst of encouragement to maintain a safe distance, we understand the needs of consumers for smartphones and electronic equipment that can be relied upon to support their daily activities.

Samsung Customer Service Service is Reopened

“We are re-opening all Samsung Customer Service services, both face-to-face and digital services, while implementing strict health protocols. The health of consumers and employees is our top priority, as we also ensure the performance of Samsung products that are always excellent.

“And as an expression of Samsung's gratitude to health workers who continue to struggle in the midst of a pandemic, we give special discounts so that their smartphones continue to be excellent and their daily activities can continue to run smoothly.

“With our commitment to provide one-hour service, consumers can immediately return to their activities without problems, comfortable at any time,” explained Praryadi Slamet, Head of Customer Experience, Samsung Electronics Indonesia.

Face to face service through Samsung Customer Service

Consumers can enjoy Samsung's after-sales service in various ways. In addition to the service center, for those who are visiting the mall, just go to Samsung Customer Service at the Samsung Experience Store.

Two types of services are available at Samsung Customer Service:

  • Smart Service to optimize smartphone performance, including product consulting, software upgrades, data transfers, and product usage guidelines. All types of services are free of charge specifically at Samsung Customer Service at the Samsung Experience Store.
  • Service Center for repairing smartphones and electronic products, including replacement parts, both within the warranty period and after the warranty period.

All Samsung Customer Service face-to-face services have implemented health protocols according to government regulations for consumer safety, including checking the temperature of visitors.

The use of face shields by customer service agents who serve consumers, the glass between the agent and the consumer, setting the waiting area to maintain a safe distance between consumers, and periodic cleaning with disinfectants.

For the convenience of consumers Samsung also provides Galaxy Sanitizing Service services for each smartphone that is repaired via direct service at the Samsung Service Center. Smartphones will be sanitized with UV-C light that is safe for devices to clean bacteria, germs, and viruses.

This service is provided free of charge in 12 cities in Indonesia, namely: Cirebon, Bandung, Yogya, Semarang, Banjarmasin, Surabaya, JaTaBek, Manado, Palembang, Denpasar, Medan, Padang.

Samsung digital consumer service for convenience while staying at home
Consumers can reach Samsung Contact Centers in various ways. For those who want to talk directly, Samsung provides a toll-free telephone service on 0800 112 8888. If you don't have the chance to call, chat is available via Whatsapp for Business on 0818 021 55777.

Consumers can consult, ask for product promos, schedule electronic product technician visits, or request remote product inspection.

For a direct product inspection, without the need to visit a service center, Samsung provides digital Remote Support services. This digital service allows remote checking of Samsung consumer devices in real time.

Only through an application or web service, requests for this service will be directly connected to the Samsung Contact Center 24 hours every day.

For Remote Support services, three service options are available according to the product type:

  • Smart Tutor for smartphones that can be accessed through the Smart Tutor application for Samsung Mobile and Samsung Members. Through this application, the Samsung team will provide remote services such as checking software and resetting settings so that smartphone performance remains optimal. The confidentiality and privacy of consumers' personal documents remain safe because all checks by the Samsung team will be carried out after obtaining permission directly from consumers.
  • Remote Management for Smart TV accessed via TV with Samsung team's guidance. The remote services provided include checking and updating software, checking applications, setting and menu Smart TV consumers.
  • Visual Support for household appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, water purifiers or air conditioners. Through this service consumers will be guided to enter the webpage and the Samsung team can see firsthand the condition of the product through the consumer Samsung Galaxy camera. The Samsung team will then guide consumers to carry out checks and repairs, also provide a guide to self-repair at home, or if it still doesn't work, can immediately schedule a technician's visit.

Consumers who have downloaded the Samsung Members application can also directly open the Get Help feature. Through this feature, consumers can call the Contact Center, communicate via live chat, and ask for Remote Support assistance. In this feature, consumers can also check and optimize smartphone conditions independently.

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