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Apple has announced macOS Big Sur, which became the latest generation of Apple's personal computer operating system, in the same event WWDC 2020, Apple has announced an update aside from macOS, there are also iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7, and tvOS 14, in this review we will focus on macOS Big Sur.

MacOS Big Sur design

For macOS Big Sur comes with a variety of significant improvements, which in outline this update is a major design change since the inception of Mac OS X, macOS Big Sur provides the addition of various transparent layers, with a new floating dock located at the bottom of the screen. application now has a new design that looks sturdy but with softer animations.

Configuring macOS Big Sur

The next section Control Center, as a place to adjust the display on the Mac such as changing the brightness and various other configurations which this time can be more easily done through shortcuts, The part that was also redesigned is the Notification Center, which this time has been combined together with widgets, in macOS as in the iOS 14 widget, the widget size has a new size.


MacOS Big Sur application

For applications such as Messaging and Maps both depend on Catalyst, which means both applications have new features such as those in the iPad application, for example messages can be easily found / searched, grouping messages, images, threading and adding smentions and much more. Maps gets the features of cycling, EV routes, and so on, so the map application is more informative like the one on iOS or iPadOS.

MacOS Safari Big Sur

Last is Apple's default browser application, Safari also has new features, especially in terms of privacy, where you can later see passwords that have been compromised and also allows you to control such as giving access permission for extensions owned by the website that you will open.


Safari also now supports translation, and in your tabs when you hover over a tab to be able to preview a site without having to open the tab and there will be a tab menu on the right to close all open tabs.

Register Accept macOS Big Sur

And here is the Mac model that will get big changes from MacOS Big Sur:
MacBook Air – 2013
Mac Pro – 2013
MacBook Pro – 2013
Mac Mini – 2014
MacBook – 2015
iMac – 2014
iMac Pro – 2017

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