Apple Switches Mac Chipset To Apple Silicon, For Whom?

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Photo: Apple Silicon Xcode From Apple

Many things were obtained at the Event Apple WWDC 2020 which is hosted live streaming on Apple's official YouTube account, in addition to announcing a lot of updates for software from all smart devices sold by Appple, at the event Apple also announced an important change from the hardware component sector, namely switching from chipsets from Intel to Apple Silicon chipsets. make it yourself for the latest generation Mac.

Mac first with chipset Apple Silicon, is likely to launch before the end of this year, with overall changes targeted to run in 2 years because it currently has collaboration with Intel. By using a runway powered by its own processor, the new Apple Mac will have the right level of performance. really new, which certainly reduces power consumption makes the quality of the battery much better.


Change to the chipset Apple Silicon, it will also make it possible for developers to develop and optimize applications much easier, because the new chipset architecture can work for cross devices such as the iPhone and iPad, the chipset is also able to present better GPU performance, which can help developer designers to making better video and game applications with far better graphics performance.

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