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Still discussing the event Apple WWDC 2020, this time we will talk about the problem AirPods Pro, which will have a new feature, which certainly makes you feel at home using AirPods for a long time, Apple announced several change interesting for AirPod Pro, with firmware changes there are special only for AirPods Pro and there are also for all models.

Spatial Audio AirPods Pro

The first change to the virtual surround system is referred to as Spatial Audio, for this type of Apple AirPods Pro model, what is unique is that it doesn't just change voice routing, Apple provides the features where the headset will observe the movements of the head and adjust it to an iPhone or iPad, so the position of the head will affect the quality sound will be accepted, and reportedly can work for multichannel sound surround systems such as 5.1, 7.1 and Dolby Atmos, although there is no schedule for when the update will arrive.

All AirPods Models

Another interesting feature, and will be accepted for all AirPods models revealed by Apple, is a software update when exchanging devices while maintaining the sound received while remaining smooth, when switching between devices such as MacBooks to iPhones and iPads, which will detect when changes occur sound source to a new device.

Both features are expected to be under software / firmware updates from the latest AirPods, although Apple hasn't confirmed when the update will be released.

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