Why are Macro Camera Features Important in 2020? This is the reason!

#kamisukareview – The world of photography has become one of the fields required by technological developments, therefore smartphone manufacturers have crammed a number of photography capabilities including Macro camera features on their products, including the exception Samsung.

Through one of its products, viz Samsung Galaxy M31, South Korean electronics giant has brought interesting camera features into it, one of which is Macro Photography.

Galaxy M30 Macro Photo

Macro Photography is a genre of photography that is very popular lately. The reason is, this genre will photograph subjects from very close range to produce highly detailed photos.

Macro photography usually has a ratio of one to one (1: 1), it means that the resulting image is the same size as the original object. Then, how is the right way to produce satisfying photo macros?

If what we are discussing is a conventional camera, then you have to prepare a number of special lenses whose prices are relatively inexpensive and even tend to drain money, therefore you should consider carefully before buying lenses and equipment for Macro Photography.

But for now this is no longer a problem because the ability of Macro Photography has been presented on this Galaxy M31 smartphone product.

Thus, instead of buying reverse ring accessories, extension tubes and macro adapters to enrich your photography skills, now you only have to have a smartphone, Samsung Galaxy M31.

Samsung Galaxy M31 Battery and Camera

Why is Macro Photography Important?

So why are important macro capabilities present on smartphone cameras today? The answer may vary, but we want to give a little picture about it;

First, for those of you who have a hobby of photography is certainly very easy and exciting, because only with a smartphone you can channel your hobby.

At present, a smartphone has been transformed into a digital convergence device where one of its functions is photography, the presence of a macro camera feature embedded in the Galaxy M31 smartphone has spoiled them Macro Photography lovers through a smartphone that is more concise rather than having to carry a whole set of camera equipment heavy and expensive.

Secondly, for those of you who are engaged in culinary or fashion business, the existence of a macro camera on this smartphone will provide more benefits because you can capture objects that you sell to be more clear and detailed, thereby giving confidence to your prospective customers or customers directly about products that you sell online.

Third, the ability of macros on a smartphone will also give a new color to your content creation, so it will be interesting for them to have attention to detail that will automatically provide satisfaction and aesthetic value when taking mini objects in great detail.

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