Alfmart's Managed Service SD-WAN Solution from Telkomsel

#kamisukareviewTelkomsel collaborating with Alfamart retailers by presenting the IoT Managed Service SD-WAN solution from the Telkomsel IoT business unit to make the Alfamart wide area network (WAN) ecosystem connected to the cloud and end-to-end automated.

The solution will be implemented in Alfamart branches located in big cities and remote areas.
The implementation of IoT Managed Service SD-WAN can help Alfamart to operate more efficiently and effectively, while increasing the company's business productivity safely in pandemic and new normal conditions.

Telkomsel IoT Solution Used by Alfamart for Operations

Telkomsel announces collaboration with Alfamart (PT Sumber Alfaria Trijaya Tbk.), A company engaged in retailing and selling daily necessities, as a manifestation of consistency to keep moving forward accelerating the transformation of a comprehensive and sustainable digital ecosystem in the Indonesian retail business sector.

In this collaboration, Telkomsel provides an Internet of Things (IoT) based solution to transform Alfamart's wide area network (WAN) operational network through the IoT Managed Service Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solution.

The implementation of SD-WAN Managed Service from Telkomsel IoT will help Alfamart improve business performance and performance productivity while maintaining operational cost efficiency during the pandemic until new normal conditions will soon be encountered.

This is one proof of the use of IoT technology to help businesses adapt and maintain their productivity safely and efficiently in all situations and conditions.

Telkomsel Managing Director Setyanto Hantoro said, “We welcome collaboration with Alfamart while at the same time appreciating the trust that has been given to the innovative IoT-based corporate business solutions from Telkomsel. S.

“As one of the largest retail companies in Indonesia, Alfamart has become part of the community in meeting their daily needs in a variety of situations and conditions.

“Realizing this, Telkomsel as a leading digital telco company wants to be a part of Alfamart's digital transformation efforts to provide added value to the community through the implementation of leading and reliable digital-based technology for the optimization of the company's operations.

“We also see this strategic step as accelerating digitalization across sectors which will strengthen Indonesia's commitment towards the Industrial Revolution 4.0.”

The Director of International Business & Technology Alfamart said, “In the last few years, Alfamart has been working on digital transformation in more than fourteen thousand of our stores spread throughout Indonesia.

telkomsel iot

“This collaboration with Telkomsel strengthens our enthusiasm to continue to expand digitalization in the company's operations in a sustainable manner, while at the same time providing added value for customers in meeting various daily needs.

“We believe that this collaboration will not only benefit Alfamart, but will also have a positive impact on the retail industry in Indonesia through improving service quality and developing infrastructure that further supports efficiency and productivity.”

SD-WAN Managed Service Solution from Telkomsel IoT

The SD-WAN Managed Service Solution from Telkomsel IoT is able to transform the WAN infrastructure managed by Alfamart by connecting it to the cloud system, so that its network operational systems can be automated and integrated end-to-end.

In addition, this SD-WAN solution is also equipped with Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) feature that allows hardware within the scope of WAN that Alfamart has to automatically configure into new cloud-based ecosystems so as to minimize technical constraints by workers.

The capabilities offered by the SD-WAN Managed Service solution provide at least four key benefits for Alfamart. First, the solution allows the hardware used at Alfamart outlets or branch offices to be connected directly to the company's data center via the cloud, so that it does not need a data center to connect anymore as in conventional WANs.

Second, Alfamart no longer needs to use leased lines in connecting data centers, data center hubs, and outlets or branch offices. Third, the direct connection between the data center center and the hardware at the outlet or branch office can also make Alfamart avoid technical interference at the data center hub which is capable of disrupting widespread operations.

While the fourth benefit is the entire SD-WAN solution management that will be carried out by Telkomsel, so Alfamart no longer needs to carry out device control to secure network independently which certainly requires high operational costs.

All of these benefits will present an integrated operating system that is more efficient and effective, which will increase Alfamart's overall productivity.

Alfamart itself now has more than fourteen thousand outlets throughout Indonesia, so that the utilization of SD-WAN Managed Service from Telkomsel IoT will help network traffic management at each Alfamart outlet more efficiently.

Utilization of SD-WAN in remote areas will help Alfamart to integrate leased line networks that previously required more complicated processes and longer time. Whereas in big cities, the implementation of SD-WAN will help Alfamart manage network traffic using 4G LTE broadband technology or a combination of broadband with leased lines.

4G LTE on the SD-WAN network plays an important role in improving business operations and communication through diverse channels and fast provisioning. This plays an important role in accelerating implementation and saving up to 50% compared to traditional connections.

In addition, 4G LTE technology is the only alternative that can be used wherever the operational system location is. More information about Telkomsel's IoT services and SDWAN's IoT Managed Service solutions can be accessed via, LinkedIn Telkomsel IoT, or Instagram @TelkomselIoT.

“Telkomsel hopes that the IoT-based solution that is presented can provide positive changes for Alfamart in growing its business even further and helping it to better meet the needs of the community.

“Not only that, Telkomsel is also optimistic that collaboration with Alfamart can also inspire other industry players to jointly transform to implement leading-edge digital technology.

“Telkomsel's strong commitment to continue moving forward to become a digital ecosystem enabler through collective efforts in mastering digital-based technologies, especially the latest IoT in the cross-sector industry, will be one of the key determinants for Indonesia to be better prepared to compete in the Industrial 4.0 era,” concluded Setyanto.

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