IPhone 12's New Leaks, From Prices and Features

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Photo: iPhone Charger 12 From Weibo / 科技 喵

We have another leak iPhone the latest in 2020 is the iPhone 12, one of which is a matter of the strength of the charger which is slightly faster than the iPhone 11 series and there is also an estimate for the price of the iPhone 12 series, First sourced from a post on Weibo, showing prototype photos wrapped in plastic material clear.

IPhone 12 Series Feature (Rumor)

From the photos that allegedly as the charger head for the iPhone 12 series, it has a 20W charger type USB Type-C type port, in contrast to the iPhone 11 series which only has an 18W charger, and if this photo is true then it becomes interesting that maybe Apple is starting to redesign iPhone charger, which can be a differentiator between the Pro and Non Pro series.

Price of the iPhone 12 LTE 4G (Rumor)

Next rumors about price the latest iPhone 12, which is sourced from Twitter post Omegaleaks, which of course has become a reference for various global gadget media, states that the iPhone 12 series with LTE 4G features will be sold price $ 549 (Around Rp. 7.8 Million), while the iPhone 12 Max 4G might be priced at $ 649 (Around Rp. 9.3 Million).

Price of all types of iPhone 12 (Rumors)

Other sources also reinforce the question of the iPhone 12 series price from the Jon_prosser Twitter account, where the iPhone 12 5.4-inch screen will be priced at $ 649 (Around Rp.9.3 Million), the iPhone 12 6.1-inch screen priced at $ 749 (Around Rp.10 Million) and a 6.1-inch iPhone 12 screen and a 6.7-inch screen will cost $ 999 (around Rp.14 million) and $ 1,099 (around Rp.15.7 million), so will the iPhone 12 have many 4G models? and lastly hopefully leaked about the price of the latest iPhone 12, compared when the official later will not be much different from what we read today.

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Source: Twitter, Weibo | Via: Gsmarena

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