Passed FCC, Google Pixel 4A Without Sensor Soli

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Photo: Render Pixel 4A From Pigtou

This time we have the latest news about Mobile from Google namely Pixel 4A, which all of them have obtained FCC certification, which indicates that the launch of the Pixel 4A cellphone is not long, about the price of the new Google phone rumors of being the cheapest cellphone compared to the Google Pixel 4 series.

Google Pixel 4A FCC (Rumor)

Reporting from the HotHardware website, Google Pixel 4A which has passed the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certification at U.S, a little to explain some smartphone certifications, though not so detailed and this is evidence that a smartphone will be released as soon as possible in July.


Pixel 4A Without Soli (Rumor)

Besides TheVerge website, it has also been reported that the existing Google G025J smartphone passes the FCC certification allegedly Pixel 4a which will be released in the United States and probably does not present the Soli sensor technology which is a sensor chipset for Motion Sense, which can manage the phone without touching or only through movement and also functions for a faster face unlock.


So is the absence of Soli Radar technology on the new Google Pixel 4A mobile phone, with the aim to reduce prices to be cheaper? the smartphone reportedly has specification mid-range that might be equipped with Android OS 11 Beta? for now, please enjoy some new rendering from Google Pixel 4A and also Google Pixel 4A XL which are canceled.


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Via: Hardware | Source: Pigtou, Theverge

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