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“>TONE Free Type HBS-FN6
Photo: TONE Free Type HBS-FN6 From LG

LG has an innovation in the midst of a co-19 virus pandemic outbreak, by presenting two models TWS newest ie LG Tone Free Earbuds, both True Wireless Earbuds from LG have unique features, which are related to cleanliness, that is the Self-Cleaning feature, what is it like?

LG Tone Earbuds Free, which has recently been officially announced has a Self-Cleaning feature, which means TWS can clean bacteria automatically, which is certainly a useful innovation in the midst of a pandemic that has made us realize that health is the main thing.

LG Tone Earbud Free With Self-Cleaning

Feature Self-Cleaning in the LG Tone Earbud Free, is in the charging case which can also simultaneously sterilize the earbud independently, There will be 2 models from the LG TWS Tone Free range namely HBS-FN4 and HBS-FN6, in brief the charging charging technology is present with UV lamps, which LG claims can clean 99.9% of bacteria evenly.


LG Tone Earbud Free Features

TWS LG Tone Earbud Free, also has a Meridian Audio feature with HSP technology for better sound results, as well as an Ambient Sound feature that can provide clearer ambient sound, TWS also features IPX4 protection that is resistant to rain and water splashes, Don't forget TWS LG can also support Google Assistant and Siri, LG states that earbuds will be released in the European and American markets around July.

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