Features of Ultra Game Mode Vivo V19, Not Only for Playing Games

#kamisukareview – In addition to game applications, the Ultra Game Mode feature can also be implemented to optimize the performance of other applications on smartphones. This is in line with innovations and features that HP vendors always present based on consumer needs.

The variety and preferences of smartphone features are constantly being explored in order to be able to present features that can be utilized to help various consumer activities. As in one of the supporting features of gaming experience on vivo V19, namely Ultra Game Mode.

Ultra Game Mode feature

vivo gaming features

The presence of this feature not only serves to optimize application performance in games, but can also be used for chat applications, social media, e-commerce platforms, to other applications that support daily activities.

Even when working and editing documents, presentations, or virtual meetings through a smartphone can still be optimal, because Ultra Game Mode will minimize external interference by temporarily blocking social media notifications, messages and incoming calls

Edy Kusuma, Senior Brand Director, vivo Indonesia, revealed “Not only can it be relied on to improve the gaming experience, what's interesting is that Ultra Game Mode can be implemented for other applications that can support users when they have to work with smartphones.

Because this feature will integrate the ability of AI to drive the performance of the application being used to be more optimal. “

Through the settings page on Vvo V19, consumers can choose and register which applications they want to activate. Ultra Game Mode Vivo V19 is also equipped with Multi Turbo features.

This feature will integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide lag-free application performance, stabilize the network, and efficient use of power when the application is running. The Multi-Turbo features are the following details.

? Turbo Center, can increase core system speed and reduce frame drop by 78%

? AI Turbo, useful for launching applications with 20% faster

? Cooling Turbo which is a temperature management system for maximum performance and cooler engine

? Turbo Game to optimize and improve application performance by allocating smartphone resources to one application for maximum experience

? ART ++ Turbo can open applications 11% faster at the start.

In addition, thanks to the capacity of the 4500mAh battery on Vvo V19, working through a smartphone remains optimal without worrying about the smartphone battery running out quickly when used. Plus the Dual-Engine Fast Charging feature with 9V / 2A power which will speed up the daily refill time.

So that when combined with the benefits of Ultra Game Mode, the battery power in Vivo 19 can last more efficiently and make user activities uninterrupted

“The combination of this technology is expected to help increase user productivity, especially when working through smartphones, the application will be more optimal, minimal lag and distraction from notifications while working.” continued Edy.

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