Review of Reality Buds Q: 300 Thousand Best TWS?

GadgetSquad.ID – Realme's desire to be able to study not only in the smartphone business, this Chinese brand is realized by participating in developing AIoT devices.

Reality itself seems so aggressive in the AIoT device business. The latest aggressiveness in the AIoT business is realized by releasing True Wireless Stereo (TWS) devices, labeled Realme Buds Q.

The presence of Reality Buds Q, certainly adds to the TWS collection that has been released earlier Realme, namely Water Buds and Water Neo Buds.

How was the performance of Realm Buds Q? Let me not be curious, without the following length of his review.

The design
When GadgetSquad.ID first opened the sales box of Realme Buds Q, it must be admitted that the appearance of the latest TWS Realme casings, is the most elegant compared to the previous product. Wrapped in black matte finish, the Realme Buds Q casing has a curved oval design with no corners, like a cobble alias rounded stone.

In terms of external design, it can be said that Realme has succeeded in designing Buds Q into TWS with a fairly premium look. Investigate a calibaration, Realme does not carelessly think about the design concept of Buds Q. The reason is in designing Buds Q, Realme collaborates with Jose Levy, a French artist and designer who has collaborated with Hermes.

The outside appearance is ok, but what about the design of the earbuds themselves, is it still elegant and comfortable when used? Now when the casing city is opened, it will be welcomed by two in-ear monitor (IEM) earbuds, the first of the realm.

Like the outer casing of the Realme Buds Q earbud design, it has a rounded design, with no handles or elongated parts protruding out. Part of the earbud is modified to be able to enter the user's ear cavity, like other IEM models.

This design allows the realm of Buds Q to be locked in the ear without fear of falling when we make extreme movements. Overall, the weight of the Realm Buds Q is only 3.6g, even lighter than A4 paper though. Maybe it's because it's light, so it's not easy to fall from the ear either when used for sports.

Oh yes, with IPX4 certification, these earphones are safe from sweat or splashes of water. In addition to the design that was carried, from the exploration results of GadgetSquad.ID, the audio quality of Realme Buds Q became more focused to be heard by its users.

On the other hand, the design concept of IEM modeled TWS, is often also considered uncomfortable, especially for prolonged use. There are those who argue that it makes the inside of the ear ache, there are also some who argue that they prefer an open pod shaped earpiece. But everything returned to the tastes of each consumer.

Technology and connectivity
Reality Buds Q is equipped with R1Q chipset that brings a number of newer technologies on the connectivity side. This will make it easier for Buds Q realm to be able to connect to Realme phones or other mobile phones.

For connection or pairing to mobile devices for example, Realm Buds Q can be connected via an instant connection protocol. Where the phone will detect the Realm Buds Q when the casing is open and instantly connect it instantly to the cellphone.

The use of the R1Q True Wireless chip is also able to create a fast and stable connection between smartphones and the real Buds Q. In addition to uncomplicated connections, audio latency is also recorded very fast, through gaming mode, to play games or watch movies.

Working closely with the dynamic Bass Boost driver 10mm, this chipset is able to produce crystal clear sound, characterized more towards the bass for the experience of listening to music according to your needs.

Audio Quality
As was mentioned earlier, the presence of a dynamic 10mm Bass Boost driver makes audio coming out of Realm Buds Q, thick with bass ambience. And when tested, GadgetSquad.ID felt the same way, where the color of the sound produced by Realm Buds Q was really bass.

But don't be afraid, if you don't like audio that tends to be heavy, you can install the Link Realm application from the Google Play Store. Through the application, you can change the color of the sound with the equalizer according to taste

Also with this application, you can see the battery capacity of each earbud (unfortunately not for the case), activate the gaming mode to set the touch shortcuts for each earbud. Starting from double tap, triple tap to touch and hold. The options are varied, from song control to voice assistant.

Switching to testing with games, Realm Buds Q has a gaming mode. To activate gaming mode, the user only needs to press and hold both earbuds until the car engine sounds.

If enabled, the latency can be reduced to only 119ms. So it's still convenient to use to play multiplayer games that require communication or rely on precision sound. The result, when tested by playing PUBG Mobile, audible audio from Realm Buds Q is fairly detailed.

GadgetSquad.ID can detect the presence of opponents through footsteps that appear from an accurate direction, so we can anticipate opponents and win the game.

Well, finally. When used for telephone calls, both in Realm Buds Q and in the recipient, the voice is clearly heard. Reality Buds Q is able to do this well. Even with a single noise cancellation on the Mic, the sound around the user is not sent to the other person. Making our conversations clearer and not upset because the sound is too noisy.

Durability and Price
Based on the data obtained, Realm Buds Q is equipped with a 400 mAh capacity battery in the case and 40 mAh in each earpiece. Referring to the composition, Reality Buds Q is claimed to stand by for up to 20 hours. When used actively, Realm Buds Q can last for 3 hours for non-stop calls and 4.5 hours to listen to music until the end.

Through TWS Buds Q, Realme again proves that developing a device with an elegant design and equipped with qualified technology, does not have to always be sold cheaply. Yup, the article is the price of Realm Buds Q is so friendly in the bag, to get it enough consumers to spend 300 thousand.

Reality Buds Q is a real proof if Realme is not playing to penetrate the AIoT market. In terms of appearance, technology, quality to price, Reality Buds Q can be one of the main candidates, to be a promising tandem for smartphones and friends who are fit to accompany your daily activities.

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