Telkomsel Orbit, Cheap and Reliable Home Internet Solutions

#kamisukareview – Telkomsel introduces Telkomsel Orbit which is a home-based WIFI modem internet service that uses the leading 4G LTE network with a large data quota of up to 150 GB.

There are two variants of the modem provided by Telkomsel Orbit, namely Orbit Star and Orbit Max, which can be operated digitally easily through the MyOrbit application. Interestingly, this service has already reached 50 cities in various regions in Indonesia in the initial phase of this launch.

Telkomsel WiFi home service my orbit

Telkomsel Orbit services via MyOrbit

This is the latest digital based solution for customers to enjoy smarter, faster and reliable connectivity. The solution allows users to enjoy wireless connectivity that is easily connected to various devices in the house.

In the initial phase of its launch, Telkomsel Orbit has reached 50 cities throughout Indonesia, while continuing to expand its service coverage gradually as a form of company's commitment to accelerating the country through the provision of digital solutions that are able to empower the community as a whole and in a sustainable manner.

Telkomsel Planning and Transformation Director Edward Ying said, “This is our latest innovation product that provides data connections with superior speed and premium features in the form of Telkomsel 4G LTE wireless home internet based networks.

This service is designed by prioritizing customer-centric principles by a specially formed team. Digital solutions from Telkomsel Orbit use wifi modem devices with the best cellular network quality and reliable data packages without requiring customers to subscribe.

To enjoy the service, customers can simply order it through the website, then activate it by plug and play, and customers can transparently monitor data packages through the MyOrbit application. “

“These efforts demonstrate our commitment and focus on development, in order to be able to provide a renewable digital experience for customers to enjoy the internet in the home that can help users increase productivity.

“We also ensure users can enjoy the fastest, stable, and quality internet access connections supported by leading-edge network technology from Telkomsel,” Edward continued.

The service solution itself comes in two modem variants, namely Orbit Star and Orbit Max. Orbit Star has the ability to connect with 32 devices at once, while Orbit Max is able to connect to 64 devices simultaneously.

Both types of modems can be activated immediately and connected to the device after a self-installation by the customer.


During the initial stage of this launch, Telkomsel provided special prices for purchasing products for both the modem and the data package. For the Orbit Star modem variant, it will cost Rp 799,000, while Orbit Max has a price of Rp 2,399,000.

Every purchase of Orbit Star and Orbit Max itself includes a modem, Telkomsel prepaid SIM card, and data quota (50 GB for Orbit Star and 150 GB for Orbit Max for 30 days).

On the same occasion, Telkomsel's Head of Home LTE, Arief Pradetya said “As a commitment in bringing more convenience to customers, the MyOrbit application is equipped with various features that are able to support users in meeting their digital needs.

“Some of the features of the application include controlling connected devices, monitoring quota usage, managing internet usage times, and purchasing data packages.

This application itself can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store and will be available in the near future for iOS users. To ensure customers get the best experience, this service takes into account various factors.

Starting features and configuration of BTS devices, network capacity, customer location to 4G LTE BTS, and the maximum number of users that can be served per BTS in determining the location of service delivery. “

Some of the advantages of Telkomsel Orbit as a wireless internet connection solution in the home include a quota package that is valid for 24 hours without application restrictions, without an automatic extension and without excess usage fees so that fees are available transparently.

Furthermore, customers do not need to wait long to enjoy the internet because activation can be done independently, instantly and easily using the application, so it does not require the arrival of a technician into the house.

For internet usage after the first month, customers can then purchase special data packages that are available in 3 choices, starting from Rp. 65,000 with a data quota of up to 100GB. Especially for the first 3 months, customers can enjoy a 50% discount on data packages since their first purchase and activation.

There is also a 7-day money back guarantee since the modem was received if it turns out the quality of the connection received by the customer is not satisfactory, this is a form of Telkomsel's commitment to always provide the best quality.

In addition, customers get a 1-year warranty if a modem fails in the first year of use. To make a purchase while getting more information about the product and the location of the range can access the official site at

This service also organizes a Referral program. Customers simply recommend to friends and family by sharing their referral code.

Every successful referral code is used to purchase new units, both the recommendation giver and the recipient of the code, will both get an additional 5 GB data package with an active period of 7 days.

Especially for customers who are very active in recommending, additional attractive prizes are also available, ranging from smartphones, smart tvs, to LinkAja balances with a total of millions of rupiah

“The service has been designed to be able to better guarantee the best internet access experience at home. This is based on higher customer expectations for network quality in dwellings compared to when traveling.

“This effort is also in line with Telkomsel's spirit in interpreting the age of 25 to continue to be present in the midst of society and together find new ways of living life from time to time,” concluded Arief.

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