Waze Launches Its New App Display

#kamisukareview – Waze, a platform that unites users whether on the road or not, launches brand identity and new moods in its application to bring more joy to each trip, and to accompany people while traveling and adapt to new normal situations when this.

In connection with the PSBB (Large-scale Social Limitation) regulation which is no longer enforced in certain regions of Indonesia and the community has begun to move back on the road, the latest appearance of the brand strengthens the inclusiveness and connection on each driver's journey, which invites each user to mutually share their mood with the Waze community.

Waze was founded on the simple idea that by working together, people can overcome congestion in order to create a better life on the road.

When a Wazer encounters a hole and reports it, or when one of the Waze Map Editor volunteers adds toll prices to the Waze map, our sharing community of drivers gets all the benefits, encouraging more people to participate.

For example in Indonesia, the Waze Map Editor helps update the Odd-Even line extension in Jakarta in the application in real time, allowing drivers to check alternative routes in the shortest time possible.

Seeing the many drivers representing the Waze brand and community, we want everyone at Waze to feel that they are part of this community and can freely express their mood through the look of our new brand.

And the Waze Moods that we have developed, are brighter and brighter than ever before. Whether it's Happy, Wild, Zombified, or anything in between.

There is a Mood for everyone to express their mood during traffic and at every different moment while on the road, which can make people smile even when there isn't much fun.

Beyond Moods, a bold palette of new colors also reflects the joy and uniqueness of our users, as well as a new visual language based on roads and maps, which will be seen in many places, including the Waze website, email and social media.

“Waze is home to the largest driver community in the world and we always use the power of our people to turn the road into a more pleasant and comfortable place,” said Jake Shaw, Head of Creative Waze.

“This brand new appearance summarizes a unique experience visually, with a new grid format based on our map, new moods that can reflect our mood when driving.

“And an exciting color palette that celebrates the joy we always try to bring to the streets, as well as the wonders of our community and the way we work together, for the good of all parties”.

“As a crowdsourced application, it is very enthusiastic and dynamic,” said Marlin R. Siahaan, Country Manager of Waze Indonesia. “We want to build a strong and flexible visual identity, which will support the brand and its users while allowing them to express themselves authentically and have fun.

“Waze is not only about working together to make the journey as smooth as possible, but also observing and sharing the world around you.”

In addition, Marlin also encouraged Wazers to remain cautious when traveling. “Even though we have to move back on the road, we still have to maintain cleanliness and health in this new normal situation, wearing a mask and carrying hand sanitizer when leaving the house is a must,” he added.

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