4 New Features on WhatsApp, Add Contacts without Typing Numbers!

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In the midst of the Facebook Covid-19 epidemic, finally it introduces an update to one of its most popular and popular messenger applications, namely WhatsApp, Updates present starting from decal, Dramatic design mode on WhatsApp Web, there is even an increase in the video call feature that can make calls with several participants directly.

QR Code WhatsApp

There are at least 5 features new which is owned by the WhatsApp application, but we only focus on four features, first is the features QR code, which can make it easier to add a new contact without having to type in the destination number, just point the QR code and instantly new contacts will be added.

Animated WhatsApp sticker

Second is an animated sticker, previously Sticker on WhatsApp is only a static image so with the latest WhatsApp update some stickers can have an animated effect and even rumored to make it more exciting Custome stickers can also be given an animation effect, yes right now WhatsApp has stock animation but in the form of GIF and it's less practical, compared to stickers that are more widely used.

Dark Mode WhatsApp Web

These three modes are dark specifically for WhatsApp Web and the desktop version, Dark Mode has previously been released for the Smartphone edition of WhatsApp, for which we have made a review for the WhatsApp edition on Android at the link following.

There was an increase in the features video calls when creating a group besides being able to talk with 7-8 participants, with the latest WhatsApp software update, we can later focus on one person by pressing and holding then the selected participants will appear in full screen, which is certainly useful when the person is doing presentation.

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