Revealed, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Pro Is Being Developed?

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Photo: Variety of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 colors Weibo / 小米 手 环

Xiaomi reportedly will soon add a new smart bracelet device from the Mi Band 5 series, which is referred to as Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Pro and will be released in the near future, last month Xiaomi has released two Mi series Band both of which already have NFC 2 features.

Sourced from the GeekDoing forum, Mi Band 5 Pro's presence was first revealed, through the initial snippet of the code name and icon in the Mi Wear / Mi Fit application. Before that there were some differences about the naming of Mi Band devices, specifically for the Chinese market referred to as Mi The band, which began with Mi Band 4 for the global market, became a Smart Band 4 Mi, and it is likely that if it was present in Indonesia Mi Band 5 will become Mi Smart Band 5.

Back to the matter of leaked code snippets from outside forums, some of which we can learn briefly from the code name, Mi Band 5 has the initials Kongming, while the global model has the initials York, the non-NFC edition has the initial Kongming L, and the latest is the Kongming model Pro indirectly confirms the existence of Mi Band 5 Pro, as device third of the newest Mi Band family.

That's all we can, right about the specifications of the Mi Band 5 Pro or Mi Smart Band 5 Pro, it's not yet clear including when the device will be launched nor is there information on the forum, and hopefully when entering the homeland of all models of the Mi Smart Band 5 will all be brought to Indonesia.

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