The latest HUAWEI nova will soon land in Indonesia

#kamisukareview – The latest HUAWEI nova series will be coming soon in Indonesia in mid-July and ready to take the HUAWEI nova series to the next level. After presenting a premium and prominent HUAWEI P40 Series in terms of photography, Huawei Indonesia again presents smartphone innovations.

HUAWEI claims the Nova Series with a modern twist is loved by young users around the world. Since its inception in 2016 until now, the HUAWEI nova Series has had more than 125 million users worldwide, including in Indonesia, which has been well received by Huawei smartphone users.

Fisher Jiang, Country Head of Huawei Consumer Business Group Indonesia said that by targeting young consumers and understanding the needs and aspirations of the target audience.

The latest HUAWEI nova series will provide a technology experience that is no less sophisticated, clad in a trendy design to deliver a new flagship level experience.

“HUAWEI Nova series always receives good reception from young consumers because we consistently combine design and technology aspects.

“Continuing the success of the previous series, we continue to innovate by combining the world's leading technologies, innovative camera features, exceptional chipset capabilities and trendy appearance. The latest series of HUAWEI nova will be coming soon in Indonesia in mid-July, “said Fisher.

Previously, in Indonesia a number of nova series had colored the mid range smartphone market. Huawei nova 2i, nova 3i, and nova 5T were launched in 2019 yesterday. Fisher explained, the Indonesian market response to the nova series, especially the 5T nova is high.

“HUAWEI nova 5T, which was launched in 2019, is the King of Mid Range because of the use of the Kirin 980 7nm flagship processor, which is also owned by the P30 Pro.

“So, the nova 5T is the right choice for those who want to look for midrange smartphones but have flagship performance. Plus, the Nova 5T has 5 AI cameras. Until now, demand for the 5T nova is still high and many are looking for it, “Fisher continued.

If HUAWEI P Series sets the standard for cellular photography, Huawei Mate Mate is the standard for smart business, the HUAWEI nova Series sets the standard as a fashionable mobile phone dedicated to younger users.

In Latin, the word nova means a new star. Being innovative, elegant, and unique are the key values ​​of the HUAWEI Nova Series which also reflects the value of its users.

What's more, they pursue high-quality life and create trends, and continue to improve themselves at work and in everyday life.

The cell phone is not only a technological device, but is also used as a fashion symbol that shows the tastes of users. As a fashionable smartphone line from Huawei, the latest HUAWEI nova is committed to combining technology with fashionable and aesthetic designs.

The sleek body design is one of the main goals of the HUAWEI nova series without sacrificing camera features to stay superior, and other aspects have been prepared in such a way as to explore various possible simplifications in the HUAWEI nova series which will soon be coming to Indonesia in the second week of July.

In terms of color variations, each generation of the HUAWEI nova Series always brings new surprises. HUAWEI nova 4e, released in 2019, has an innovative film layer on the back that shows the unique light effects of curves and gradient colors.

While the HUAWEI nova 5T series, released at the end of 2019, features a fingerprint sensor mounted on the side and a unique reflective texture on the rear panel. The HUAWEI nova 5T even introduces a special edition of the nova Super Icon by adding exquisite effects to the entire look.

This time, the latest HUAWEI nova series will use innovative processing techniques to present new color variants, of course new and feature a 3D back panel that reflects light and stunning shadows.

For fans of Huawei in Indonesia there is no need to wait any longer, because the latest HUAWEI Nova series will soon be launched in Indonesia on July 13, 2020. For further information, please see

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