#kamisukareview – Realm officially released a new series in the millionth segment. And we happen to have already held this Indonesia C11 realm review unit, which is actually an upgrade from the previous C series realm product, the C2 realm.

This C series reality leads to entry-level classes with cheap price. With this series the realm aims to make other users with a limited budget also experience directly using their products.

Curious as to what the heck HP realm this? Let's look at our review below.

unboxing reality c11

Full Review of reality C11

Before stepping into in-depth reviews, it helps us to peek in advance the sales package from the review unit that we are holding. the reality of wrapping his product in a yellow box like his other siblings.

When dismantled, we will find a smartphone unit wrapped in plastic. Then several sheets of paper consisting of manuals and warranty cards. There is also an ejector SIM. Then there is the charger head and micro USB cable. Unfortunately there is no headset.

Body Design

c11 design realm

We need to be honest in the beginning, this HP design is very exceptional indeed. Many want to buy this cellphone because of how it looks. Comment on Instagram feeds @ review1st reflect this. We ourselves are quite amazed by the luxury offered by this cheap mobile.

In fact, the reality can make polycarbonate plastic material in this review unit to be like not 'plastic'. The feeling is different, smooth and rough like holding an expensive smartphone. Clever concoction, because this cheap built quality can be transformed in such a way as to be premium. Two thumbs up for realism in this sector.

We also like the colors that are carried, the review unit that we hold has pepper gray, gray with a combination of metal nuances but matte. It's just that there are some people who are complaining about the jumbo realm font. But that's still back to taste, if we're okay, okay.

realm itself is indeed serious about this design. Just so you know, the C11 was designed by José Lévy, Cooperated Designer of Hermès. Adopt new design elements and take inspiration from geometric paintings Piet Cornelies Mondrian, an expert in abstract painting.

A ribbon stretches in the back from top to bottom, connecting the camera module with a thick realme logo to make the design more iconic and balanced. The camera module is also designed in the form of a box that is popular recently in the middle to upper segment products.

Different from the model Previous C-series, the texture of the casing is processed by German leading five-axle radium engraving in the industry. After polishing for more than 300 minutes, a 450+ curve is carved to create a special reflective light effect. Comfortable in the hand, safe against fingerprints and effectively prevents scratches.

This smartphone has a 3.5mm audio port in the area below, flanked by two speaker holes on either side. But how come the bursts of audio from the default speaker are not powerful, even though the volume is maximum, you know.

Unfortunately, this cellphone does not have a light indicator for notifications, we mention that there are still many who like this facility.


c11 operating system

This low-cost, real-life HP is equipped with a slim 20: 9, 6.5-inch screen, it provides a wider viewing distance, provides gaming experience, plays audio and video content that is exceptional, less visual distraction and gives users a full screen display experience.

The internal structure of the screen adopts a new and improved stack process so that the notch area is reduced and brings a screen ratio of up to 88.7%, allowing users to have less visual interference while enjoying multimedia content.

Discussing its response to touch, we test it with the Drum Kit application. Not bad, this test can show the screen's response to touch. Somewhat unfortunate when tested with this application it turns out there is a delay when playing the drum.

When it comes to bezel, the C11 realm has a relatively thick chin. The distance between the navigation buttons to the body frame is still too relieved. Even if optimized we can still get additional space for the touch panel area.

The resolution is still HD + so it might not be able to satisfy everyone. But it's not so bad, we still get pretty sharp images and good video display.

The display panel uses 2.5D Glass, so be careful not to fall, because the protruding shape is very easy to hit the glass area. With IPS LCD, the display that shines on the screen is less than the maximum in outdoor conditions hit by the sun.


pubic and ml performance

This latest HP reality is equipped with a MediaTek Helio G35 processor. Gaming chipsets for entry-level classes that have just been released. This runway is claimed to have the best performance for playing games in its segment.

Just for your info, the Helio G35 is an eight-core processor with 12nm fabrication that is capable of reaching 2.3 GHz clock speed, and adopts the Cortex A53 structure. This component makes it one of the fastest and newest in its category.

This processor is ideal for general users and gamers because it can handle most of the medium and heavy applications that are commonly used. Not bad for use to play Mobile Legends can still be set flat graphics high or high.

As for PUBG Mobile, the graphics settings are sufficient in the medium. Gameplay is still satisfying, there is no meaningful lag, it's just that the picture quality we cannot enjoy as much as possible on the upper middle HP.

For storage available in two memory variants 2GB + 32GB and 3GB + 32GB which is supported by LPDDR4X RAM. Compared to LPDDR3, LPDDR4X graphics performance was increased by 20% and RAM performance by 100%.


main camera c11 realm

Real C11 has a main camera that adopts a 13MP image sensor with a large f / 2.2 aperture that is enough to absorb light and make photos clearer and brighter.

The dual rear camera supports hardware-level bokeh effects, which are more natural and make the subject stand out, be it plants, animals or humans. This smartphone is also the first in its segment that presents Nightscape Mode and will make it the smartphone with the best night camera in its segment.

The Nightscape Mode algorithm will take several photos in different exposures, then combine them into one single photo by taking the best part of each photo.

Some interesting facilities are also included in this cellphone such as slow motion features and timelapse selfie. For specifications, the rear camera conquers dual sensors 13MP f / 2.2 + 2MP f / 2.4. 5MP front camera.
Firur features like Depth, Portrait Mode, Chroma Boost, Nightscape, PDAF, LED flash have complemented this cellphone. Real C11 can also record 1080 @ 30fp resolution video.

Here goes the picture:

Photo reality c11
the reality of c11 photography

Other Features

Make a connection, this cellphone is still using the old edition, aka microUSB. For today it is already included in the category of kudet. But the truth is, there are still many users who use this ancient data cable. So, this is only a small problem and does not need to be exaggerated. You who intend to buy the C11 realm must be heartened to understand. Wait, yes.

Unfortunately you will not find fingerprints on this cellphone. But do not be discouraged, because the reality of C11 already has a face unlock to complete the lock screen. This cell phone has a 3-card slot for two SIM cards and one SD card (up to 256GB).

Gyroscope on cheap cellphones is starting to come to the attention of game lovers like COD Mobile or PUBG Mobile. Fun, this facility has been immersed in the reality of C11, so we can look left and right yes when you're at war or face an opponent. Nice job reality.

Battery Capacity

hp battery

Real C1 has a 5,000mAh large battery and a large 6.5-inch screen with Mini-drop. According to test results in Lab realm, this cellphone can last for 40 days in standby mode, play music up to 169.8 hours, watch movies for 21 hours, and play games for 12 hours.

Taken to play all day or a picnic to a place like a mountain or a location that does not allow charging, still safe if you bring this cellphone. In fact, perhaps, the reality of C11 could be a savior god because he was already planted with a reverse charge OTG. Yess, this smartphone can even become a power bank and help charge cellphones and other gadgets.

In addition to battery life, safety is also very important, it carries a protective battery made of 304 stainless steel. And all charger adapters and cables have safety monitoring chips to prevent accidents.

Not want to tease, but we try to be rational. Concerning this battery, we believe that this HP buyer is indeed really a low budget, accept it as is, and may not be able to provide another budget for buying others, including a larger charger output.

Then how long is the battery fully charged with a 10 watt charger that is embedded in the sales package? In this test, the C11 realm is indeed testing the patience of us who are used to using fast charging. You have to wait for about 3 hours.

While waiting for the battery to be full, maybe you can do other activities such as taking a short nap, bathing, grooming, eating, etc. first. No need to complain about the long waiting time. Because the battery capacity is large, 5000 mAh, while charging only uses a 10 watt charger.

Real price C11

This new output reality is proof that the vendor is really serious about improving the product. This latest HP realm has a premium design, decent specifications. The price of the C11 realm is quite tempting.

With the 2GB + 32GB memory option you can buy it at IDR 1,499,000 while the 3GB + 32GB memory option can be purchased at IDR 1,599,000. Get 100% cashback for the first person to buy the C11 realm at realme.com.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Reality C11

And finally, before deciding to buy, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of this latest HP realm. The most prominent advantage is the premium design and powerful processor in the entry level segment, still relevant for playing mainstream games.

While the battery becomes a sector that is both excess and deficiency. The capacity is large and comfortable for those of you who have high mobility all day outside your home or office, but charging is a burden because of the relatively long waiting time. This cellphone doesn't have a fingerprint sensor either.

Other sectors such as the camera at So-So is not really kicking but it's already OK. Actually, if this aspect can be strengthened, the value might increase. Yups, so if you like design and performance, the C11 realm is okay. But when it comes to other matters you have to think twice.

C11 realm specifications

  • 6.5-inch HD + IPS LCD Display, 2.5D Glass
  • 20: 9 aspect ratio
  • Mediatek Helio G35 octa-core 2.3GHz
  • IMG PowerVR Rogue GE8320 GPU
  • RAM 2 / 3GB
  • 32GB storage (dedicated microsd slot)
  • K. Dual Back: 13MP f / 2.2 + 2MP f / 2.4 Depth, Portrait Mode, Chroma Boost, Nightscape, PDAF, LED flash, 1080 @ 30fps video recording
  • K. 5MP Front
  • Android 10 with realm UI
  • 5000mAh battery
  • Color: Mint Green and Pepper Gray

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