Lenovo Becomes Aston Martin's Official Workstation Partner

#kamisukareview – Lenovo becomes Aston Martin's official workstation partner, strengthening partnerships that have been running so far, going beyond the automotive field and reaching aspects of engineering, design, visualization, and architecture.

With a track record that always provides customers with extraordinary beauty and strength, Aston Martin sets standards for their workstation portfolio in various work areas in the company, from styling, design, design and validation.

They choose Lenovo as an Official Workstation Partner due to Lenovo's strong performance and trusted technology. Aston Martin is committed to making the most beautiful cars in the world very legendary, in collaboration with selected world-class service providers.

Steve O'Connor, IT Director at Aston Martin stated, “You cannot design or build a car without a workstation. The Lenovo workstation portfolio allows us to configure the machine as one of the main focuses of work in our company.

“Including styling and design, CAD and design that suits the specific and unusual needs of our team.”

One characteristic of designing at Aston Martin is challenging existing physical and digital devices, to encourage the creation of design perfection. The continuous transition from virtual to reality and vice versa is part of the DNA of Aston Martin who always pursues perfection.

The design team at Aston Martin uses a Lenovo workstation supported by the NVIDIA Quadro GPU to integrate the physical and digital sides of design, modeling, rendering, as well as checking, assessing, adjusting, as well as challenging the capabilities of technological devices throughout the process.

When the team compares clay sculpting with digital sketches, or moved milled models with rendered models, the power and performance of Lenovo's workstations have proven to be able to meet their designs.

This shows that the design can be combined with a high level of detail and thoroughly validated so that every part of the fit, finish and complex surfacing can be rendered into a perfect product like the original. “

Rob Herman, General Manager, Workstation and Client of AI Business Unit, Lenovo added, “Even when working remotely becomes a reality now, Aston Martin continues to move forward with the latest technology.

“ThinkPad P Series mobile workstations offer the ability to open large design files and ensure the design process runs smoothly.

“This allows Aston Martin to bring their designs into real and real-time terms. Leveraging the power of NVIDIA Quadro's professional graphics in mobile form factors, Lenovo's mobile workstations offer Aston Martin the ability to enhance workflow design, design and visualization without restrictions. “

Raw performance is a top priority for Aston Martin, for that there are several other elements included in the analysis and consideration process. Before standardizing Lenovo, Aston Martin struggled with the consistency, reliability and visibility of future hardware developments needed to optimize performance.

Aston Martin needs partners who can provide exceptional experience – both from a technical hardware and work relationship perspective. Providing insight into Lenovo's product roadmap helps Aston Martin to be more confident that their workstations will remain in accordance with their technical needs, generation after generation.

“We use a lot of different software from companies like Adobe and Autodesk, and basically cover all categories of applications that you can think of,” Steve said.

“Lenovo Performance Tuner allows us to easily change profiles and adapt to applications used by designers and engineers.

“We are not only sure that our workstations are the most up to date, but also I can't remember the last time I received a complaint from the design department in the last three or four years since we used Lenovo products as a standard.”

For Lenovo, working with iconic brands like Aston Matin and the people behind it is an honor and Lenovo is proud to be a part of helping them design future products.

Using the power and reliability of Lenovo workstations and NVIDIA graphics professionals, graphic designers, engineers, modelers and others at Aston Martin can create perfection.

“The Aston Martin team can use the ThinkPad P Series mobile workstation or ThinkStation desktop PC calmly because Lenovo's digital devices have been specifically designed, tested, and proven to be able to finish heavy workloads well.

“This makes Aston Martin able to focus on their expertise, namely achieving perfection in design and realizing everything they build,” concluded Rob.

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